Tips to Use CBD Oil to Calm a Restless Dog


If a dog is dealing with occasional stress, they may require additional comfort and reassurance during big events, such as moving, going to the vet, or dealing with pain and discomfort. While it can be heartbreaking to see a dog struggle with anxiety for day-to-day situations, there is help for pet parents.

CBD, which can be purchased over at Pure Relief, can help dogs who feel anxious and need relief. However, learning more about why and how to use it will help ensure the desired results are achieved.

Comforting an Anxious Dog

Some dogs experience stress from time to time for several reasons. However, in stressful situations, such as visiting the vet, separation anxiety, or something else, CBD can be helpful. Some of the top symptoms of stress in dogs include trembling, whimpering, panting, pacing, loss of appetite, nervous lip licking, defecating, or urinating on the floor even though they are house trained, and aggression.

For many pet parents, it can be distressing to see their pup upset. The good news is, CBD can offer some relief for normal anxiousness or nervousness.

Why Use CBD for a Dog?

Comforting a dog using CBD starts with a pet parent, recognizing that their dog is stressed. For a dog that is stressed out, the proper use of CBD can differ. However, there are a few everyday situations where it will be beneficial.

At night some dogs are restless and who cannot get comfortable when lying down at night. For many owners, CBD may provide a solution for how to help a dog get comfortable and how it can help to calm cases of restlessness. Another time that CBD may be beneficial is during fireworks. The loud noises that are created it can be very frightening for some dogs. During these times, dogs will need additional comfort.

If there is a storm, it can be quite distressing for dogs. They may need additional help when waiting for the storm to pass. Traveling is also stressful. Be sure to use CBD before and during this to help ensure they have an anxiety-free experience.

How CBD for Dogs Really Works

Just like with people, CBD in dogs will impact their endocannabinoid system. This is the system that helps to maintain a healthy balance in their bodies, which is often called homeostasis. The ECS will create chemicals that are referred to as cannabinoids independently, even if cannabis has never been used.

Studies have shown that CBD will impact the ECS in dogs, which will reduce stress and help dogs relax even in stressful situations. When the body is releasing endocannabinoid chemicals, or when they are ingested as a tincture, the body will also create serotonin, which is a mood-stabilizing chemical.

Helping Dogs Stay Calm

When it comes to anxiety and stress in dogs, there are a lot of issues this can create. By starting a CBD regimen, this stress can be relaxed, which will help dogs and their owners. Keep this in mind to deal effectively with anxiety in a dog.