Struggling with PCOS symptoms? Treat it with homeopathy


Are you struggling with having abnormally long menstrual cycles since you started menstruating? Usually if a teenager complains of a long cycle, an investigation for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or commonly called PCOS or PCOD is not undertaken and is reassured that things will settle down. But it is one of the rising endocrine disorders affecting millions of reproductive age group females. It is not only a disease which affects ovaries but might result in reproductive, metabolic, and psychological consequences. This blog gives an idea of probable role of homeopathy in PCOS.


Untreated PCOS might be associated with:

  • Increased risk for cardiovascular disease
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Infertility
  • Menstrual irregularities like amenorrhea, dysfunctional uterine bleeding
  • Permanent hirsutism
  •  Persistent acne


The management of PCOS has thumb rules:

  • Tutelage: PCOS and its causes must be taught to the patient. Most of the times, it might be due to an underlying risk factor such obesity.
  • Comprehension: PCOS and its pathophysiological comprehension is a must.  Its present condition, how much it is going to trouble a patient, and what would be the probable outcome in future must be understood.
  • Treatment: The underlying cause of the PCOS must be identified. Thus, the treatment must aim at considering the root cause and not superficial polycystic ovary syndrome symptoms alone.  

Conventional PCOS treatment

Conventional treatment includes birth control pills and ovarian drilling surgery. But there are possible side-effects including medicine-induced menses might be stopping egg formation, body’s production of natural insulin might stop which might lead to increased drug dependency, 90% chances for recurrence rate, and chances for fetal malformation. Why should you take unnecessary risks? If you’re looking for natural and safe treatment, go for homeopathy!

Role of homeopathy in PCOS treatment

Homeopathic  system is a  healing  system of symptoms  which  is safe, effective, affordable and  within  reach. It takes into account the holistic approach i.e. person as a whole. This means that homeopathy treats every patient on the basis of individualization. This enables the prescription to be based upon the many factors  such  as PCOS symptoms,  causation,  case history,  family  history,  mental status and inherent  nature  of the person, likings,  disliking, and many more.  

Homoeopathic intervention aims at halting the progress, providing symptomatic relief and treating the patient.  Homeopathic medicines stimulate the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis thereby strengthens your immune system and triggers the natural release of hormones.  Homeopathic medicines can be taken safely along with conventional medications. The key point of PCOS treatment in homeopathy is holistic healing and not hormonal or ultrasonography normalcy alone.

Homeopathy emphases on the root cause of PCOS and works to correct hormonal imbalance, regularizing ovulation and restoring menstrual normalcy. PCOS treatment in homeopathy is a customized treatment and therefore effectively addresses and helps to treat the associated symptoms of PCOS efficiently.

You can always book an appointment with homeopathic PCOS doctor who will take a detailed case history, looking for clues in lifestyle that will help pinpoint exact PCOS causes. This, in turn, will help to come up with customized treatment plan. Treat it with homeopathy so that the root cause will be addressed and there won’t be any side-effects as well.