What You Should Know About Personal Trainer Certification for Special Needs


Are you considering specializing in working with individuals with special needs? You may be interested but ambivalent because you’re not familiar with the process. How much time does it take? Is it a lot of work? Can you do this while working full time? Do you have to have prior experience working with individuals with special needs? What do you learn? Here’s what you should know about personal trainer certification for special needs.

You Can Take the Course Online

While there are in-person and retreat-style courses available, you also have the option to get your personal trainer special needs certification all online. From the comfort of your own home or surrounded by the buzz of a coffee shop, you’ll have access to all learning materials as long as you’re connected to wifi.

You Can Go at Your Own Pace

Thanks to online access to course materials for personal trainer for special populations certification, you can take the course at your pace. Insomniacs can stay up and get their work done, so it doesn’t interfere with their daytime work schedule or precious time spent with family. If you’re disciplined and have hyper focus, you can blast through the course in one day if you wanted to, thanks to your anywhere access.

It Won’t Take as Long as You Think to Complete the Training

Even retreat-style certification programs just take a weekend. Online certification courses can take even less time. Our special needs certification course, for example, takes just eight hours to complete! If you wanted to, you could work on it for one hour a week, one hour per day, or take one whole day to knock it out.

Relevant Science Is Easier to Learn Than High School Courses

Upon opening your course materials, you get a little intimidated reading phrases like “vestibular system,” “corpus callosum,” or “neurotransmitter.” Don’t worry: You won’t have to get out your flashcards or join a study group. The material is much easier to grasp than your hardest high school science classes because each definition and concept is presented along with real-life, relevant examples.

You’ll Learn How to Manage Meltdowns as They Happen

The personal trainer certification for special needs course will teach you more than the benefits of exercise for those with disabilities. It’ll also teach you how to manage behavioral and emotional outbursts as they happen in real time.

You’ll Learn How to Prevent Meltdowns from Happening in the Future

Arguably the best part about getting a personal trainer certification for special needs: You’ll learn which exercises have the highest chance of reducing or eliminating meltdowns altogether for your clients. Core exercises, for example, have a special connection with emotional grounding that keeps confusing emotions at bay.

You Can Get Certified Today

Strong Education teaches personal trainers, parents, and professionals how to adapt fitness for children, adolescents, and adults with autism, Down Syndrome, and other disabilities through our online special needs certification course.