Being Tactful And Responsible: 7 Things One Should Never Say About Aesthetic Clinic Procedures


The topic of getting aesthetic clinic procedures in Singapore divides people. First, one might believe that having fillers, for example, is one way to look artificial and botched. Not to mention, there are cases of failures, and they somehow make things worse. Second, some people are revolutionary and find it appropriate to get these procedures because the person is not hurting anyone else. Besides, if a friend or family member is getting botox, there is no reason for them to meddle with their lives. With this, people are prone to saying hurtful things that impact people’s happiness and sometimes their mental health.

Do you know the problem here? When people have nothing nice to say, they still cannot shut their mouths or filter their thoughts. That is where most issues begin, and in this article, let us explore the things one should not say about getting botox in Singapore or planning to alter a physical trait.


No one in the right mind should call people ugly or undesirable when all they want in life is to become confident in themselves. Aside from that, one cannot dictate the level of attractiveness or desirability of someone because it is arbitrary. Two people are unique from each other, and it is only they who can decide if they are beautiful or ugly. With this, never limit yourself to the idea that visiting the best aesthetic clinic in Singapore is only for people who are not blessed with desirable features if we must put it that way. Instead, these services help someone enhance their physical looks or let them become happy with the results.




Yes. Saying this statement is also as problematic as calling someone ugly or undesirable. How? First, visiting an aesthetic clinic in Singapore is to enhance your already-beautiful features and traits. In some cases, it also lets people try something different, such as a trendy brow shape or longer lashes than before. The second point is about the level of beauty and attractiveness. While this may seem like a compliment, what if the person is unhappy with their current looks and wishes to enhance them even more? Discouraging them by saying this is one way to invoke a deep trauma or hurt their fragile feelings.


Regardless if you prefer their past looks because it seemed more natural without fillers in Singapore or fancy their larger frame when they were a bit chubby, never say anything like this! First, if their fillersseem unnatural, never point them out because it says a lot about you. They are happy about this new look or enhancement on their face, so why is there a need to rain on their parade, right? Second, you have no idea about the struggles they have gone through. You might be close to one another, but some people hide things about their lives. For instance, what if they used to cry about their looks, and you pointed it out when they tried to change for the better? Have regard for their feelings before saying something.


There are many options for fillers and botox in Singapore. What usually happens is the doctor suggests something that matches the face and health of the patient, and they decide based on that. However, some prefer going with what they want as long as it is safe and healthy. An example would be deciding on a bold choice or an eyebrow shape that does not suit their face but boosts their confidence. With this, people have no reason to point things out, such as saying their new look does not match the person or they are better off choosing another option. It only gives a tasteless tone that means you do not like what they have decided upon or look undesirable with what makes them happy.


Comparisons can be apparent in groups and other social circles. Adults examine who has the most money in their bank account, mothers talk about their recoveries after childbirth, men compare their business ventures and other things in life, and finally, friends point out that their fillers in Singapore are better than everyone else. This type of conversation among people brings more harm than good because there is no need to compare things with one another. Aside from that, your faces are unique, so there is no winner, if we put it that way, in this contest of who is the most desirable. (Tip: If you have undergone the same procedure, be careful with your words or say nothing. Life will be more peaceful.)




The statement in question is when someone says about negative effects without consulting credible sources or they are not familiar with the fundamentals of visiting an aesthetic clinic in Singapore. First, never scare anyone or tell them about the negative effects when you do not even know about this topic. You are only fear-mongering and adding unwarranted anxiety to them. Second, getting fillers and botox is safe when done by a medical professional, so instead of scaring them and spreading misinformation about the effects, why not encourage them to approach a licenced cosmetic professional? That will greatly help their journey.


Some aesthetic clinicprocedures offer drastic changes that people notice when they look at you, while others prefer a more subtle change or something that is not easily noticeable by people who do not pay too much attention to details. However, regardless of the case, never tell anyone that their fillers or botoxdid not change them because that is one recipe to invalidate their efforts in becoming the best version of themselves. What if they did this to become the happiest person? You will surely take a blow on their mental health and self-confidence.

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