Dental Hygiene and Treatment by Dentists  


It is rightly said that God has given us one of the most precious gifts in the form of teeth, also termed as the ‘32 Pearls’ to not only help us in biting and chewing the food we eat but also to help in speech as well as enhance facial aesthetics.

Accordingly, like any other organ of body, we all are required to take good care of our teeth by maintaining proper hygiene of mouth and teeth so as to prevent dental decay, formation of cavities or developing other diseases of jaws and gums.

Importance of dental hygiene

Majority of people do not realize that teeth in mouth are the living things and have blood supply, nerves and live tissues in their roots and hence require adequate hygiene maintenance of oral cavity and teeth in order to keep them healthy and disease free.

Lack of proper hygiene of oral cavity and teeth can develop our mouth into a breeding ground for bacteria and may lead to various kinds of diseases like:

  • Bad breath, Halitosis  
  • Dental decay  
  • Gum Disease i.e. Periodontitis 
  • Tooth Infection mainly Root infection  
  • Dental cavities Enamel Degradation 
  • Colored or stained teeth 
  • Dry Mouth i.e. Xerostomia
  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)  
  • Oral Cancers

The patients suffering from lifestyle diseases like diabetes are more prone to catch or acquire various dental ailments such as: 

  • Gingivitis- Inflammation of gums
  • Periodontitis – infected gums    
  • Oral Thrush i.e. Candidiasis – deposition of fungal matter on tongue
  • Dryness in mouth known as Xerostomia

With age often certain pockets are formed in gums, where food usually gets deposited. It is very essential for such individuals to rinse and clean gums and oral cavity using good quality mouthwash after every major meal so as to maintain enough hygiene to prevent gum diseases.

That-is-why, a detailed dental checks-up on periodical basis is recommended, for all individuals, irrespective of age. Regular dental checkup will help detection of dental problem, if any is there and may be treated. 

It is, therefore, prudent to get your teeth checked up periodically by a dentist and if any dental problem is detected, it should be immediately treated by your dentist.

You can discuss ways to maintain dental hygiene with a dentist in Bundoora in Family Dental Clinic and, if required, you can get the necessary dental treatment.

Role of a dentist

A dentist plays a crucial role not only in suggesting you the ways as to how to maintain proper oral and dental hygiene but also in treating various ailments pertaining to: 

  • Teeth like wisdom tooth extraction 
  • Oral cavity like development of sores and ulcers as well as bite issues 
  • Root Canal Treatment i.e. RCT
  • Filling cavities correcting the teeth arrangements
  • Fix crowns and bridges replace broken of impacted teeth 

Dentists at Family Dental Clinic are highly qualified and experienced and use most modern equipment applying  advanced techniques to:

  • Perform surgeries to correct anomalies related to gums 
  • Correct TMJ issue and jaws
  • Help improve aesthetics of face like smile makeover 

When you need dental treatments, please come with complete trust to Family Dental Clinic for getting relief from dental sufferings. You will be treated, as per your dental problem, by a qualified specialist dentist Bundoora at most affordable cost.