Why and how can you get need digital protection?


In this world of high connectivity the world has become small and within your reach through internet digital protection is the new cause of concern. Not only have you got connectivity but a whole lot of activities you get to do through the internet via digital devices. From business, social media, entertainment, work from home, video calls to your loved ones, conference or simply calling across the globe. You can do everything with the touch of a button on your smartphone, computer, laptops, tablets and other digital devices.

Digital devices are surmounting day by day not only at the workplace but also at home, on the roads, and in every direction you can turn your face.  The digital screen can be seen everywhere around us, they are present in the huge hoardings, airports, football grounds, ATM machine, etc.  None of the places are spared that do not have digital devices.

Why do we need digital protection?

We are unaware of the fact that it is high time that we must think of digital protection from these digital screen devices.  This is the need of the hour because the digital devices emit harmful digital blue light and glares from their screens. This blue light is one of the major reasons why people are struggling with eye-health issues. Since we cannot block the sources of blue light, the ever-pervasive blue light causes computer eye syndrome (CVS) that includes eye strain, weakness in the eyes, watery or dry eyes followed by migraine, or a combination of any of those symptoms.

The exposure to blue-violet light or the blue high energy visible (HEV) light is harmful not only for the eyes and the muscles connecting the eyes but also for the sleep cycle of the body. This short-wavelength light hinders the sleep and the lack of sleep gives rise to several other health issues.

Therefore, digital protection is very important in today’s world, to safeguard eyes as well as your overall health.

 What is the role of blue glasses in digital protection?

Blue glasses are just like any other prescription or non-prescription glasses, but they have a specialised anti-blue light coating along with anti-glare coating that blocks not only the blue light but also glares.  With the blue glasses, your eyes are shielded and you are protected from the digital eye syndrome and the other associated issues.  In fact, your varifocal or even transition glasses frames can have blue lenses in them.

Is there any way I can get glasses lens replacement?

When you think of digital protection and buying designer glasses frames, sure, there is always a possibility of having glasses lens replacement.  Either you can buy a fresh pair of glasses frames for yourself or if you are already wearing glasses, you can opt for glasses lens replacement instead of buying an additional pair. Eyewear manufacturer Specscart is the leading manufacturer of eyeglasses in the UK including blue glasses that offers the facility of reglazing glasses. Under this, the old or existing frames of the user are utilised for glasses lens replacement i.e the old lenses are removed and new lenses having blue light protection are added to the frame.  Specscart ensures that the blue glasses provide 99.99% protection against the blue light as well as the glares.

If you are the user of prescription or non-prescription glasses, then get glasses lens replacement in your existing frames at Specscart.