Various dental emergencies that require immediate attention by a dentist.


Oral health plays a significant role in the overall health of all persons and is the reason why routine checkup from your dentist is always recommended. There are certain situations however which necessitate finding an emergency dentist as soon as possible  regardless of the time or location where you are. You should, however, be able to differentiate between dental issues that can wait for the regular office hours and those that require immediate attention from the dentist. Primarily, emergency dentists address the pain which you are feeling and ensures the surrounding tissues are stabilized in an attempt to prevent any more damage. They often engage in temporary fixing which gives more time for repairs later during your dentist’s office hours.

Possible scenarios that call for emergency dental care services.


  • Knocked out tooth.


Having your tooth knocked usually happens when you get a blow of significant force to the mouth forcing the tooth out of its sockets.  In the event this happens you are required to pick up the knocked-out tooth by the crown and rinse it of any debris without necessarily scrubbing it. If it is possible to reinsert it back in the socket then you should do so, or otherwise place it in a container of milk and get to the dentist as soon as you can to save it.


  • Abscessed tooth.


A dental abscess occurs when an infection leads to the formation of a pocket of pus which may lead to hot and cold tooth sensitivity, a headache and a small bump close to the infected tooth where the pus may leak out resulting in unpleasant smell or taste in the mouth. This an emergency considering the infection may spread to your jaw and other surrounding tissues. You should, however, rinse your mouth with salty water which draws the pus to the surface and reduces pain before heading to see the dentist.


  • Fracture.


A fracture is a break or cracks on the hard outer shell of the tooth which may result in excruciating pain. In the event you have a fracture you should clean your mouth with warm water and use place a bag of ice on your face to minimize swelling. Over the counters, pain relievers can be used to minimize pain however you should visit an emergency dentist as soon as you can.


  • Broken jaw.


In the event you get into an accident that hurts your jaw, you should seek emergency dental services as soon as possible. Just like with fractures, you should use ice packs on the face to minimize swelling and additionally avoid eating any solid foods at least until you see your dentist.


Dental emergencies may vary from intense physical trauma during various sporting activities or from something as simple as taking a bite from an apple. Despite the cause, emergency dental services are very crucial in saving the tooth and preventing further damage however you should afterward visit your dentist as soon as possible.