What A Radiologist Do – Know What to Expect and When to Consult


Radiologists are trained doctors, who diagnose and treat injuries as well as diseases with the help of imagining techniques. They include CT scan, MRI, X-ray, PET and ultrasound scans. 

Radiologists will have 4 years on-job training known as residency on topics such as effects of radiation on human body, radiation protection/safety, and interpretation of imaging examinations. 

Also, they have to undergo 1-2 years fellowship in different areas such as cardiovascular radiology, nuclear medicine, breast imaging or emergency radiology. In addition to these, radiologists must have knowledge on advanced radiology techniques to keep the certification.

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Kinds of radiologists

Diagnostic radiologists – They diagnose and interpret various kinds of images with X-rays, nuclear images and scans in order to create images. This helps to interpret images, which in turn helps to identify an injury or illness.

Interventional radiologists – These radiologists will also work same as Diagnostic radiologists, but they manipulate needles, catheters (plastic tubes), as well as wires around body to perform the procedures like treating blocked arteries, kidney stones and tumors. This radiology is minimally invasive and an alternative to surgery.

Radiation oncologists – Generally, these radiologists are not considered to be clinical radiologists. They make use of radiation therapies to treat health conditions like cancer.

When you have to consult a radiologist?

The following are few common reasons that help you to understand when you have to consult a radiologist. They are:

  • Torn muscle
  • Trauma
  • Accidents
  • Pregnancy
  • Infection
  • Blocked arteries
  • Broken bone
  • Screening for tumor or cancer

What you can expect?

Appointment with the radiologist lasts from few minutes to 2 hours and even more depending on the procedure. For few tests, you have to stay away from certain drinks, foods and medications. In case you are trying for a baby or pregnant ask for low-dose of radiation.

X-ray – Medical x-rays are quite common and simple. For x-ray, you have to lie, sit or stand as asked. An X-ray is used to find out health condition after an accident or others including breathing difficulty, lung cancer, pneumonia and others.

Ultrsound scan – This medical technique is used to take images of babies during pregnancy. In this scan, sound waves will be used to pinpoint swelling, tumors, heart damage and others.

CT scan – It gives a detailed look of body than X-ray. Radiologists use it for checking complicated fractures, tumor size, internal bleeding, infections and others.

MRI scan – In this, magnetic field and radio waves will be used to look inside the body. This helps to look at soft tissues inside or behind the bones. Mostly, it is used to scan brain, spinal cord, torn ligaments, tumors and other problems.

If you are facing any one or more of the above listed health issues, choose the best radiologist and book your appointment today.