Vagina Tightening: 3 Reasons Why Vagina Becomes Loose


The vagina is an extraordinary body part. It is an elastic, muscular-canal, connecting to the uterus. It is where the penis passes during intercourse and the baby’s path during natural childbirth. Many people believe that the vagina becomes loose due to vaginal laxity.

This belief is half-true and half-false. It is true that the vagina can become looser or more stretched, but it is not true that vaginas become loose forever. As mentioned, vaginas are elastic, and they will return to their original shape after a period.

Here are the possible reasons why vaginas become looser:

1. Age

Saggy skin is one of the signs of ageing. Similarly, age affects the elasticity of the vagina. As women age, their oestrogen hormones drop significantly. This will cause the vaginal tissue to be thinner, drier, and less stretchy or elastic. The vaginas become less acidic as well.

The changes in vaginal elasticity become more noticeable as women hit their menopausal stage. Some women seek vaginal tightening treatmentto prevent the stretch reduction of their vaginas.

2. Childbirth

Natural childbirth through vaginal delivery stretches the vaginal tissues to let the baby pass through the birth canal. Due to the size of the baby, it is natural for the mother to feel their vagina become looser. But it is unnecessary to seek vagina tightening treatment since the vaginal tissue will return to its original state days after childbirth.

However, if the mother experiences multiple births, her vagina may become more loose than usual. If it causes discomfort, mothers can seek vaginal tightening treatment.

3. Sex

Contrary to the belief that frequent penetrative sex can make vaginas become loose, there is no concrete evidence that proves the claims.

The ‘loose’ effect is actually the female’s body’s preparation for penetration. The penetration itself does not cause the stretching. When the woman becomes aroused, her vaginal muscles begin to relax, preparing for penetration. This change will stay before, during, and a little after sex.

If the woman experiences discomfort during sexual intercourse and penetration, a tight vagina may indicate an underlying condition. Visit your doctor immediately.

Some women feel discomfort when they feel their vaginas are more loose than usual due to multiple births or ageing. They can get vaginal tightening treatmentto reduce the pain and discomfort.

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