Unmatched Smile Makeover Cosmetic Dentistry in Bundoora


Every person, men or women, desires to wear an attractive smile to look attractive and own a more radiant and pleasing personality. 

Yet the fact remains that over a period of time  due to natural wear, discoloration, dental decay, dental trauma, missing or chipped teeth, misaligned and misshaped teeth, gum related and various other issues pertaining to oral hygiene cause damage to your teeth and gums and make your smile less attractive and impressive.

An unattractive smile can be a cause of embarrassment for many people and may lower their confidence and self-esteem. Such people, can regain their attractive smile and improve facial aesthetics by consulting an efficient smile makeover specialist dentist Bundoora

What is smile makeover?

Basically, a smile makeover is a collection of cosmetic dentistry treatment procedures that improve  and enhance the overall beauty and quality of your teeth and gums to help you achieve an attractive smile.

An integral part of cosmetic dentistry, smile makeover is meant to help you reinvent your youthful and fresh smile by changing or correcting the shape , color, position and length of teeth as well as gums.

There are many dental clinics like Bundoora Family Dental Clinic where desirous individuals can get best and efficient smile makeover treatment through an experienced dentist Bundoora. Here, specialist dentists using most modern technology and state of the art equipment perform various dental procedures related to smile makeover.

Common smile makeover  procedures

Cosmetic dentistry for smile makes over encompasses several dental procedures like:

  • Teeth Whitening – to restore the natural color of the teeth by removing the stains by applying a whitening gel on the teeth, made of hydrogen peroxide and also employing most modern Laser Teeth Whitening Technique.
  • Veneers – used for fractured teeth, filling gaps between teeth, hiding discolored teeth, mis-positioned and misaligned teeth , increase length of short teeth
  • Composite Resin Bonding – for fillings, repair fractured edges and close gaps using natural looking fillings material called composite
  • Bridges and Crowns – to protect the tooth surface and improve appearance especially of front teeth
  • Dentures and Partial Dentures – to help restore missing teeth and facilitate chewing and wearing an attractive smile
  • Dental Implants-  for replacement of missing teeth
  • Orthodontic treatment to correct malalignment and malocclusion; with tooth-colored braces, metal braces and lingual braces to restore and preserve the natural integrity of the teeth. Dentists in Bundoora also use Invisalign Braces i.e. invisible braces that are made of clear thermoplastic for Orthodontic treatment for patients with Crooked or Misaligned teeth.
  • Gum Contouring – to treat bleeding gums, prevent tooth decay, bad breath, reduce inflammation and pain of the gums, bruxism or teeth grinding etc.

All these smile makeover treatment procedures are employed as per the treatment needs and patients’ requirements which may differ from individual to individual. 

At Bundoora family dental clinic, most modern technologies, such as, Laser Teeth Whitening,  Digital X-Rays, Computer Imaging, Cone Beam Imaging, Air Abrasion Devices and Intraoral Cameras are used by skilled and experienced smile makeover specialist dentist Bundoora. 

Should you require an impeccable smile makeover to give boost to your confidence, raise self-esteem and enhance your facial attractiveness; contact smile makeover specialist dentist Bundoora at Bundoora Family Dental Clinic.