Top Health Benefits of MMA Training


The Marvelous Benefits Of Mixed Martial Arts Training

With many other fitness routines and gyms, it seems that over time, one tends to hit what is known as a “plateau,” or a “wall,” where a person appears to be stalled at a certain level, speed, distance or perhaps on a weight-lifting goal for overall strength objectives. 

The plateau of training during this time is the very mindset that causes many to either quit exercising outright due to frustration or to push even harder towards goals that can cause injury. To get past the emotional wall for those experiencing it requires a dedicated and often quite expensive trainer in a typical gym. Here is where the benefits of Martial Arts and, in particular, MMA classes for beginners and techniques kick in to get past that mental obstacle.

Martial arts have been around for a long time, dating back to the advent of Yoga, which reportedly harkens to at least 2,000 years ago. Hong Kong is the epicenter of modern martial arts, which are now not only sports-related these days but true combat and peace-keeping training techniques if one wishes to pursue a career in the military or paramilitary as an example.

Thanks to Master Bruce Lee and his creation of the Jeet Kune Do (The Way Of The Intercepting Fist) back in the 1970s, which combined the kick-punch and grappling styles from other disciplines that Master Lee had picked up himself during his legendary training and world-famous career. 

From Lee, this combination grew forth, and many new styles evolved from Jeet Kune Do and these are now on display at any given MMA dojo or gym and during professional matches on television. Jiu-Jitsu (most notably Brazilian) is nowadays the primary training style renowned within MMA circles, for this style adds additional grappling and weight-training techniques of MMA classes for beginners

MMA training provides multiple objectives for the acolyte above and beyond just the weight room or running track to keep a person interested. At one point, a student is focused on just how to breathe while executing either a kata (form) or a striking maneuver. In another instance, they will be focusing on overall balance, how to gain position on their opponent, and how to avoid a particular hold in grappling, to name but a few items of focus. 

In the long history of Martial Arts, many instructors have in-depth knowledge of dietary and nutritional needs, which are more natural and mostly inexpensive as opposed to the powders and drinks advertised continuously in the familiar gym franchises. 

MMA instructors can also help build confidence within a student towards their fitness goals. This confidence will grow like a wildflower after he or she demonstrates well-practiced kicks, strikes, throwing, and grappling moves in front of others. It is a far more rewarding experience than a typical cardio-class. A new member attempts to keep up with a group of seasoned “gazelles” and tires out and quits in frustration due to feeling slow and inept because perhaps they were not born runners. The variety that MMA training provides can help discover multiple skill sets within a student in contrast. It not only increases one’s strength but their mind and overall emotional well being as well

Here’s the bonus: one can train on the techniques taught in the dojo in between scheduled classes. It is imperative, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, where MMA classes for beginners will more than likely be scheduled not as frequently and may even have attendance limits until the areas around the globe open up for normal business eventually. 

Hong Kong is also privileged to be part of a long lineage of martial arts history. There are many good MMA training schools out there like Hybrid MMA & Fitness and view its offerings.

As always, it is recommended to consult a physician before beginning any new physical exercise routine. However, if you do decide to choose MMA as your health pursuit, it’s almost a sure bet that you will find it quite marvelous!