How Profhilo Singapore Works for Skin Rejuvenation Without Surgery


Skin laxity is a huge problem for many women above 50 who are losing their skin elasticity and firmness. It’s the loose skin that happens across the body and face as we get old. Indicative signs of this aging process show themselves mostly across the jawline, neck, decolletage, upper arms, knee areas, and inner thighs.

There were not any technologies or treatments that would deal with skin laxity properly in the past. The latest innovation now for this problem is known as the Profhilo treatment. This revolutionary non-invasive method could enhance skin laxity to improve skins texture while tightening our skin.

What is Profhilo?

Profhilo Singapore is an injectable method containing the highest hyaluronic acid concentration. Surprisingly, it has even more hyaluronic acid compared to dermal fillers. Compared to dermal fillers, Profhilo could spread beneath the surface of our skin. Here, it starts skin remodeling the skin area. It results in improved elasticity, hydration, and skin texture. Though the compound in Profhilo typically degenerates in four weeks, the biostimulation effects still continue. That leads to considerable tissue improvement over several coming weeks.

How Profhilo Works

Profhilo Singapore helps in minimizing skin laxity signs by reversing the elastin and collagen breakdown in the skin. These natural skin proteins serve as major structural parts to keep the skin taut and firm. But they gradually deplete through the aging process, making our skin sag and loosen.

Profhilo fights this process by triggering the production of these proteins in deeper skin levels.

Treating Skin Laxity with Profhilo

Profhilo tightens and lifts skin when it’s injected into strategic areas. The product instantly begins spreading when injected because of the high hyaluronic acid concentration. At the point of injection, it creates a small ‘bleb’ that seems quite like a bite of an insect. But that often heals itself after only some hours.

The method is often done over two sessions, a month apart from each session. It enables four collagen and elastin types to renew and refresh our skin. This leads to a considerable improvement in skin health after it has settled. This is why the procedure is referred to as an ‘injectable lift.’

What Does Hyaluronic Acid Do Within My Skin?

For starters, it keeps the skin hydrated. Hyaluronic acid acts like a sponge, absorbing water and keeping it in place. Your skin will seem dewy, luminous, and younger due to this. It also has a plumping effect. It fills in gaps in your skin as a gel, plumping it up. As a result, it can decrease wrinkles and deep lines while also providing resilience. Finally, it aids in the healing of wounds. Hyaluronic acid synthesis increases to promote the healing process if the skin is wounded.

What Will Happen During my Profhilo Treatment Session?

You’d receive five injections on each side of your cheekbones and inferior face for facial therapy. It takes roughly 20-30 minutes to complete the procedure. This treatment does not necessitate the use of numbing cream. With some raised red lumps on the skin, you could resume regular activities, but it is still advised to refrain from doing extraneous activities.

What Can I Expect After The Treatment?

Redness, minor swelling, stiffness, and irritation are possible adverse effects. These, thankfully, only last 1-2 days.

For the first 24 hours following your treatment, stay away from cosmetics and strenuous physical activities. After the treatment, you should stay out of direct sunlight for at least two weeks. Pair it with a healthy skincare program that includes daily sunscreen to maximize your effects. Post-procedure instructions should always be followed properly.