Stoma Care 101 – 4 Ways To Enjoy Dining Out With Your Loved Ones!


If you’re living with an ostomy, you must find time and spend them on the things that bring us joy and stimulation. After a successful recovery from your ostomy surgery, we expect to return things to normal after a specific period, allowing us to do things that we love, such as dining out! However, stoma care and concerns may sometimes get in the way.

If the idea of dining out with your friends or family at a restaurant is something that gives you a few frights, give yourself some time. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks you can follow to help you enjoy and make every second worth it with your loved ones!

Ensure your pouch is empty before having a meal

One thing that will help you prevent the aggravation of thinking about your barrier cream and ostomy bag is ensuring your pouch is empty before a meal. Why is that important? If any food items or ingredients cause a trigger, you wouldn’t need to rush into the comfort room to replace your bag’s pouch. On the other hand, it will also reduce the chance of having a mess.

Determine or confirm the ingredients in a meal

Another useful piece of advice you can follow to avoid complications with your ostomy diet is to talk with the waiter/waitress first. Confirm to the waiter if there are any other food items or ingredients your doctor is advising you to avoid. It will help you determine what you should order and refrain from picking. After all, you should enjoy the time without taking any unnecessary risks!

Know how to handle a leak

Stoma bag care and knowing the right way to handle leaks may be a simple and obvious thing, but it will help you save from frustrations and stress. If you feel a leak, don’t be afraid to excuse yourself. It’s also ideal to have a spare pouch and clothing with you in case you need to make a replacement. Showing a calm manner with a bit of a sense of humour will get you through, and the people you’re dining with will be supportive and understanding.

Wear comfortable clothes

Aside from bringing a few extra supplies for emergency bathroom needs, you should also think about what you’re wearing. Comfortable and non-restricting clothes are better than stylish ones. Taking clothes off shouldn’t also be too difficult and tricky. Understand that comfort should come first over looks, especially if you’re likely to excuse yourself to the bathroom for better convenience.

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