3 Obvious Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Singapore


Just think about what you do with your hands on any given day. Even if you do not participate in intense physical activities, there are many instances where you might be in danger of a finger fracture or something similar. For example, you use your hands to complete mundane tasks like writing, cooking, or washing the dishes. Over time, your fingers or hands may build up some serious injuries.

Experiencing any issues with your hands should not be taken lightly. Because we use them for professional and personal reasons, we should look at how we take care of our hands Hand injuries are why we should take care to look for a male or female hand surgeon to help us get through our day,

But hand issues are unavoidable sometimes. After your hands have gone through repeated strains and stresses, they may not work as intended. You might be more prone to hand problems as you age, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

What are some of the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome that sets it apart from other hand issues? Here are a few things you should be aware of.

1. You feel tiny shocks running down your fingers

One of the biggest determining characteristics of carpal tunnel syndrome in Singapore is that you may experience some sharp stinging sensations all along your fingers. If you experience this sort of sensation, along with intense numbness, you may have a good chance of having carpal tunnel syndrome.

2. You feel burning, stinging, tingling, or other sensations in your hands.

It does not have to affect the wrist or the affected area of carpal tunnel syndrome. Remember that the carpal tunnel is an opening where the median nerve passes through. If this nerve is pinched or otherwise damaged, you can experience all kinds of sensations in the palms of your hands, your thumbs, your index fingers, and more. Additionally, it may feel like your fingers tingle in the morning. These sensations may travel all the way up to your shoulder.

3. Your grip is weak

Lastly, one of the most telltale signs of carpal tunnel syndrome is when your grip feels weak. You may have trouble holding onto the lightest of objects. When this happens, quickly consult a hand specialist in Singapore.

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