Two hearing aids balance hearing and life


Finding the best hearing aids is a unique process for every person with a hearing impairment. It is very important to work closely with your chosen audiologist to determine which hearing aids are compatible with hearing impairment, your lifestyle, your hearing needs depending on your work environment, use of technology, daily work, and of course your budget. Having the specialist’s recommendations, you can buy the recommended device from a specialty store.

Hearing test results

A hearing assessment (audiogram) is a simple test that allows specialists to determine the type and degree of hearing loss, hearing loss. The result is in the form of a graph and is called an audiogram. Hearing assessment is simple, fast, about 15-30 minutes, without discomfort or pain, but it is essential for the specialist to make concrete, objective recommendations that will improve your quality of life.

If the hearing loss is bilateral, which means that there is a hearing impairment in both ears, the specialist audiologist will recommend that you wear two hearing aids.

The advantage of bilateral hearing

Don’t panic if the hearing loss is bilateral, it is natural to be so, we must think that the recovery of both ears means a better hearing for many reasons:

Ability to recognize the direction of sound

Localization is the ability to locate and determine the source of sounds. It is a natural and sophisticated process that allows us to determine the approximate location of the sound produced by a car at a distance.

The reason is simple. The sound travels in the form of waves, through the air. These sound waves are picked up by the outer ear, transmitted to the ear canal where sound is processed by the hearing mechanism – a complex collection that includes the eardrum, the smallest bones in the human body, the cochlea and hair cells.

Better hearing in noisy environments

When we use two hearing aids, correctly adjusted for each ear, with their technology the background sound is diminished to allow the wearers to distinguish more easily and more clearly all the important sounds. The ability to hear through background noise is helpful in many situations and places – in the case of a sports match, in an important business meeting, situations where the sound comes from several directions simultaneously.

Better sound quality (mono versus stereo)

If you choose to buy a single hearing aid you will find yourself in the position of having to turn your head constantly to be able to understand even delicate sounds covered by background noise.

A better hearing experience for loud voices of children or sounds of nature

The best way to natural hearing is to opt for two hearing aids that give you the most natural hearing experiences and give you the same joy of natural hearing. You will hear again the delicate sounds of nature or the delicate voice of children.

For people who face a bilateral hearing impairment, bilateral prosthesis is recommended and is evaluated as the best solution for a more satisfactory and natural result.

Yes, it is true that you will incur a higher cost, but do not let the price be the deciding factor. Hearing gives us invaluable joy and a good quality of life every day.