When Do You Need Physiotherapy or Osteopathy in Singapore?


The musculoskeletal system is a vast network of bones, ligaments, joints, muscles, and more. When something goes wrong with this system, you will immediately feel it in the form of muscle pains and aches. Don’t hesitate to contact a physical therapist or an osteopath in Singapore when experiencing medical issues in this area.

An osteopath is a professional using manual therapies and massages. They use their hands to treat your musculoskeletal problem. On the other hand, a physiotherapist uses exercises and medical advice to treat your condition.

You might need osteopathy and physiotherapy in Singapore in separate situations. Here are some instances you might need a physiotherapist or osteopath.

1. You have weak and sore muscles

In this case, you might benefit more from an osteopath. An osteopath can use their knowledge of massages and manual therapies to soothe sore muscles and encourage blood flow through the muscles.

2. You are recovering from an injury

If you have a serious injury you are recovering from, a physiotherapist may help you adapt to your new condition and practice walking or moving the muscles affected by the region. You will be asked to try out exercises and do them at home to strengthen muscles.

3. You have difficulty moving or doing everyday activities

Osteopathy in Singapore is concerned with the condition of your entire body and how each part functions together. WIth a holistic plan, you can get back in shape.

4. You want to prepare for an upcoming sports game

Athletes have it difficult. They are more susceptible to injuries on the field, especially if they play high-impact sports. A good physiotherapist can help them avoid specific injuries.If you are confused about the differences between chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists, check out this article.

If you wait till the pain becomes unbearable, only a visit to a physiotherapy clinic in Singapore could help. Reach out to Calibrate Health to know more about what you can do to find relief. See their website for their contact details.