What makes saffola oats different from other brands?


Saffola Oats is the only brand that has a unique Multiseed mix and the Fiber-rich mix plus it gives a Lighter, Fluffier, Softer, and crispier taste when cooked. We let you know how we’ve made saffola oats better by bringing to you greater transparency, innovative & superior technology, and the highest quality standards. Saffola Oats is the perfect breakfast for a heart-healthy life. Saffola understands that a wholesome start to the day is as important as a healthy diet and lifestyle, which is why it has taken extra steps to ensure that every bowl of Saffola Oats you eat leans to a heart-healthy lifestyle. You can ensure the same for your family with our nutritional pack of oats, available on Saffola online store  in a variety of options.

Saffola Oats has been India’s favorite brand for over 20 years. Our oats are specially designed to be soft, yet dense in nutrition. They can keep you full for longer, which means lesser cravings and more walks! Saffola Oats have been created based on the perfect blend. Saffola Oats offers a range of benefits: Reduces cholesterol,, comprises whole grains, and helps reduce the risk of heart disease. It also consists of natural fiber sources including oat bran and wheat bran.

Saffola oats are full of fiber, antioxidants, and omega-3 fats. Apart from these nutrients, saffola oats are also rich in protein. Oats are naturally rich in beta-glucans, a soluble fiber that helps to lower blood cholesterol levels when eaten as part of a healthy diet. Saffola oats, which are full of good carbs and fiber, can help lower cholesterol and fight heart disease. They are one of the most convenient and healthy breakfast options available in the market today. • 1 bowl of Saffola oats provides a 22.5% daily requirement of iron • Hectic lifestyle has made eating right a problem. It is rightly said that “health is wealth” and you need to take utmost care to keep yourself fit and fine. Oats are one such cereal grain that is known to have several health benefits.

It is rich in fiber and contains a unique ingredient known as the Beta-glucans, which cut down the bad cholesterol and maintain good health. The range includes masala oats, plain oats, and chatpata flavor oats. It’s time to nix your other breakfast options and hit the OATS ON.

These oats are specially processed with patent texturization technology to remove the hard fibrous outer layer while retaining the goodness of their nutrition and fiber. This is a special germ-soaking and stabilization process that helps to suck out all moisture and nutrition, thereby keeping it fresh for a long time. Saffola Oats is known for providing oats that are gluten-free and also provides 100% whole grain nutrition. Such healthy activities can be maintained with the help of this product.

Saffola Oats has been endorsed by the Indian Heart Association for its heart health benefits. The oats are grown in North India with microclimate control, making them more nutritious. Saffola Oats are made from 100% whole grain oats, it contains dietary fiber which helps lower cholesterol. Saffola is also infused with the goodness of ‘FortifyTM’ , a unique blend of 4 oils – rice bran, groundnut, safflower, and soybean to give you the goodness of 3 PUFA, MUFA & Omega 3. FortifyTM keeps the quality intact without degeneration and adds natural goodness without any artificial enhancers.

The Saffola oats are known for their delectable taste and at the same time you can experience the goodness of oats with their high fiber content and being rich in minerals, vitamins & amino acids At Saffola Oats, we understand that health is built during the everyday moments – each time you eat your breakfast. Our breakfast foods are cooked using ingredients that are scientifically proven to promote an active lifestyle and reduce cholesterol levels. Saffola Oats is a versatile and nutritious food grain that can be prepared quickly and easily with hot milk or water.