Fitness at Home: The Best Exercises in Australia


Hello, friends! In this article we will talk about fitness. What is fitness? This is a system of physical exercises, which leads to improved health, muscle hypertrophy, and improved cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Fitness is not only a matter for women, as is commonly believed, but at the same time it does not imply serious physical activity. It used to be called physical education, but now fitness, and despite the fact that the name has changed, the essence has not changed. Of course, as the sports industry is improving, new, interesting exercises appear that are included in this system of physical training.

Fitness cannot be called a full-fledged sport, but at the same time, it implies a change in the body for the better. How your training affects your body depends on how you approach training: how you will train, how to eat, how often to train, how to recover. All these components are very important in any sport. Initially, you should have certain goals that fitness will help achieve pw-core.

As already mentioned, not only women but also men can do fitness. But the thing is that women just want to improve their shape, tighten their buttocks, tone their legs, etc. In men, most often other goals that do not relate to improving the overall muscle tone. Men, most often want to build muscle, and fitness will be difficult to cope with this task. If the goal is hypertrophy, then I can advise bodybuilding or workout. If you don’t have the opportunity to go to the fitness room, it doesn’t matter – fitness at home, the exercise of which we will now consider, will help you reach your goal.

Well, since with the help of fitness you can get rid of a significant number of calories, it can be used for weight loss. Fitness includes both strength and cardio workouts.

Fitness at home: exercises for the whole body

And now let’s look at strength and cardio exercises that will be most effective both at home and in the gym. And, I propose to start with strength exercises. Do not forget that before any workout you need to warm up – to stretch the joints, warm up the muscles a bit so as not to damage.

Anaerobic exercise

Anaerobic exercises in fitness are performed without extra weight – without a barbell, dumbbell, etc.

Leg exercises

There are many exercises for the legs, but we will consider only the best. The best exercise is squats.

We put our feet shoulder-width apart, rest on our heels, stretch our arms forward, or close behind our heads. Keep your back straight and upright. Sit down as low as possible and stand on the exhale.

The second leg exercise, considered one of the best, is lunges. This exercise loads not only the legs, but also is the target exercise for the gluteal muscles.

We take a step forward, and sit on a supporting leg. We put the back leg on the toe, hands on the belt, the back is even.

Fitness home exercise

Chest exercises

If we talk about breast development, then in fitness there is no better exercise than push-ups from the floor. There are so many types of push-ups. If you find it difficult to perform push-ups, lying down, then for a start you can do push-ups from the wall or from the bench, then from the knees, until you go to the classic push-ups.

To perform classic push-ups, you need to take an emphasis lying down. Hands slightly wider than shoulders, keep your back straight. We go down to the floor, and rise on the exhale.

Back exercises

For the back, the best exercise is pull-ups. But pull-ups are different. You can pull up in the classical style, in one of its varieties, or practice a simpler type of pull-ups – “Australian pull-ups”.

Australian pull-ups are pull-ups on the low bar – about 1 – 1.5 m from the ground. You need to grab the bar, rest your heels against the ground, and keep your body level.

Hand exercises

If we talk about hands, then hands are involved in all exercises where you need to grab onto something, or to rest. Triceps work very well in push-ups, biceps in pull-ups. In any case, your hands will not be left without attention.

Shoulder exercises

The shoulders consist of three beams – front, middle, back. The front bundles will be activated when we raise our hands in front of us. Lifting dumbbells in front of you, activates the front bundles.

To use the averages, you need to raise your hands on the sides – you can lift dumbbells or something else.

To use the rear beams, practice such an exercise as breeding dumbbells in an inclination.

Also use the shoulders of the bench press up.

Exercises for the abs

The first shoulder exercise is twisting. You just need to lie on the floor, bend your knees, and raise your torso.

Another very good exercise for the abs is raising your legs in a hang on the bar. Just need to hang on the bar, and raise straight legs to it.

Aerobic exercise

Fitness home exercise


Running is the best aerobic exercise. There are various running styles, and you can use any of them: marathon, sprint, interval. You don’t have to write a lot about running, since everyone knows how to run – this movement is inherent in us from birth.

Rope jumping

Jumping rope is no less interesting and useful exercise than running, and you can jump with a rope at home if there is enough free space.

That’s basically all the main exercises that you can practice both at home and in the gym.