Five benefits of Vitamin C supplements for your health


We all know how important it is for our body to have vitamins and Vitamin C is one of those important ones. Not only is it safe but also it’s the most impactful on the human body as per the experts. It’s the kind of vitamin that our body is not able to produce so we have to take it through different vegetables and fruits like spinach, oranges, kale, etc. The suggested dosage for the intake of Vitamin C in males is 90mg while in females its 75mg. usually, it’s recommended to take Vitamin C via food but quite a lot of people take it from supplements. Vitamin C gets its hype from its never-ending benefits on the human body and here we will be looking at the top five benefits of vitamin C supplements on your health.

May assist in controlling high blood pressure

High blood pressure has become one of the biggest health issues across the globe as it puts you in danger of going towards heart disease. Not only do vitamin c supplements help individuals with high blood pressure, but they can also help the other way around as well i-e in low blood pressure. What happens is that the Vitamin C supplements assist in easing the blood vessels carrying blood from the heart and this results in decreasing blood pressure levels. Although the benefits of Vitamin C supplements are very impressive the health issue like high blood pressure shouldn’t be completely dependent on Vitamin C alone.

It helps strengthen the immune system

The most hyped-up benefit of vitamin C is its ability to strengthen the immune system. It aids the immune system to guard against oxidative stress, reducing the risk of tissue damage and also helps in the microbial killing. This doesn’t mean that taking a heaving dosage of Vitamin C supplements will stop some common disease like fever instantly but it will surely help you in recovering from that fever at a much quicker pace.

Assists in decreasing lack of iron

Iron is one of the most important nutrients in our body and deficiency of iron can cause some health damages like anemia. Vitamin C helps in such a way that it aids in taking in the iron from the diet. Not on that what Vitamin C does is it converts the crudely taken in iron into a form that is much easier for the body to absorb.  So intake of Vitamin C supplements can help individuals with low blood iron levels in overcoming this deficiency.

Helps in taking down the chances of a heart disease

Many reasons can be the cause of heart disease like high blood pressure, low levels of HDL cholesterol, or high levels of LDL cholesterol and Vitamin C helps in decreasing the risk factors. The evidence of Vitamin C helping in reducing heart disease is not clear yet but if you are already taking an iron-enriched diet taking extra Vitamin C may not have any impact on health.

Looks after your thinking and memory

Reduced levels of Vitamin C have been linked as the reason to condition called dementia (broad term used for bad thinking and memory). So, taking Vitamin C supplements can reduce the risk of such problems.

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