Facts about a Mummy Makeover You Should Know


Today’s women have become extremely conscious of keeping their figure slim even after pregnancy and childbirth.

Fortunately, there are procedures like mummy makeover that help them achieve what they want, at least to some extent.

However, before you choose a mummy makeover surgery, you should thoroughly know about it and what you’re going to get, so that you can keep practical expectations aboutthe outcomes.

Understand What a Mummy Makeover is All About

Most women believe that a mummy makeover is a procedure that at once offers the pre-baby look to women, just within a few weeks or months after childbirth.

This is not true because it’s not safe. It should be remembered that pregnancy as well as childbirth are stressful events for a woman’s body.

In that case, putting the body immediately after these events under the stress of a surgery is simply dangerous.

For an effective mummy makeover surgery in Coffs Harbour from PCLS Coffs Harbour, the cosmetic surgeon will need you to wait at least for six months after childbirth, in order to give time to your abdominal tissue to heal entirely before having a tummy tuck.

You may wonder how some celebrities get their pre-baby shape soon after the childbirth. The answer to this is that they apply strategies that are different from those common women would apply.

First and foremost, they employ nutritionists and personal trainers who take care of their diet and physical activities during pregnancy.

The balanced diet and exercise keeps them safe from gaining weight. Doing the same is a good idea for common women.

Several women consider pregnancy as an opportunity to consume foods that are otherwise a no-no. This results in weight gain.

The more pounds you pile up during pregnancy, the more of them you’ll have to lose later. You’ll also have more loose skin for which you’ll need atummy tuck surgery.

But if you carefully avoid gaining too much extra fat during pregnancy, you are more likely to do away with a mini tummy tuck later. A mini tummy tuck involves less scarring and shorter recovery period.

Why does One Need a Mummy Makeover?

Pregnancy and childbirth brings about some changes in a woman’s body that diet and exercise cannot rectify.

These are stubborn fat deposits in the form of love handles or muffin top, loose skin and damaged abdominal muscles.

As the skin of stomach expands to accommodate a growing baby, the tissue connecting the two lateral sections of abdomen muscles can tear forever.

This causes the belly to stick out even if the woman’s body becomes otherwise slim. Not only this condition is hurtful for the woman, but it also exerts additional strain on the back, causing a painful “sway back”.

This issue can be addressed only by something like a tummy tuck surgery Coffs Harbour at PCLS Coffs Harbour.

No exercise can bring the torn tissues back together. Instead the patient requires a surgeon who can stitch the torn tissue together.

A mummy makeover is also essential to rectify issues occurring in the breasts and vagina, such as loss of breast volume, sagging of breasts, and stretched and distorted skin of labia.

By knowing all the above factors, you can keep realistic expectations and ultimately be pleased with the outcomes.