Teeth and Sugar Sensitivity – How Does It Affect Your Teeth?


Sweet tooth means teeth damage, because for many reasons. Sweet tooth habit comes with the requirement of eating sugary items as much as possible, and sometimes even more than regular food items. If not taken care of, then people with a sweet tooth might end up with sensitivity to sweets as well.

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Causes of Sensitivity to Sugar

The main cause of tooth sensitivity is because of the exposure of the veins in the tooth directly to any food item. This is because of the damaged enamel issue. If there is damage in the enamel layer, then the cold items, hot items, and even the sugar content in the food can directly touch the veins in the tooth resulting in tooth sensitivity.

The main cause of sensitivity in the teeth is acidic food items, hard brushing, and so on. All these habits can expose the inner-lying veins in the gum and end up causing the sensitivity sensation. Hence, it is suggested to follow the regular teeth whitening process with the help of the whitening strips

Candy and Your Teeth

Candies are one of the sugary items that everyone loves to eat, irrespective of age. When you hear sugar sensitivity, you need not conclude that sugar is the actual culprit, because the reactions that sugar brings out in your mouth are the actual cause of sensitivity in teeth. The effects can be lessened with the help of the Crest teeth whitening strips.

The bad bacteria present in the mouth will start reacting to the sugar content in the mouth. The acid that is present in these bad bacteria will then overload the tooth and result in causing damage to the tooth enamel. This is why you experience tooth sensitivity to sugary items.

Taking Care of the Sugar Sensitivity

The best way of taking care of sugar sensitivity is with the help of dental hygiene. Hence, it is suggested to follow the regular teeth maintenance procedures and get rid of the bad bacteria in the mouth as much as possible.

The Crest 3D white strips will not only work on removing the stains on the teeth but will also work on getting rid of the weak acid that is produced and released into the tooth enamel layer by the bad bacteria.

Preventing Tooth Sensitivity to Sugary Items

The best way of taking care of the tooth sensitivity problem to the sugary items is with the help of these below-mentioned procedures.

  • Use the toothbrush with soft bristles
  • Avoid hard brushing
  • Use the toothpaste that is best known for offering relaxation against the sensitivity

The best way of taking care of sugar sensitivity is with the help of a teeth whitening procedure. You can take help from the Crest whitening strips to take care of all kinds of unwanted bacteria in the mouth. Don’t wait till you develop a sensitive tooth and start the habit of dental hygiene as early as possible.