5 Ways to Minimise Pain on Your Mammogram Screening at the Clinic in Singapore


One of the tests included in some full health screening packages in Singapore is a mammogram. It can be painful for women to undergo the screening. Here are five tips that can help you minimise the pain.

#1 Do Not Schedule On or Before Your Period

Never schedule your mammogram screening with a clinic in Singapore if you are about to go or on your period. Your body undergoes hormonal changes that can cause your breasts to feel sore and sensitive during your menstrual cycle.

#2 Communicate with Your Healthcare Provider

Women who suffer from chronic pain are more likely to experience discomfort during a mammogram screening at a clinic in Singapore. Ask the clinic if they have technicians knowledgeable in treating patients with chronic pain. Often, clinics will devote additional time to ensure your comfort.

#3 Decrease Salt and Caffeine Intake

Try to minimise your salt intake approximately a week before your consultation and mammogram screening at the clinic in Singapore. It causes your body and breasts to swell and become more prone to pain by increasing water retention. Also, restrict your caffeine intake before your appointment. Caffeine consumption might make your breasts feel more sensitive.

#4 Ask for Gradual Compression

Request a gradual, progressive compression. It is less disturbing than a fast compression. Also, before squeezing the other breast, ask the technician for the mammogram screening at the clinic in Singapore to allow you more time to adapt and recover comfort between breast compressions.

#5 Painkillers and Padded Sports Bras

You should avoid consuming aspirin, Tylenol, or ibuprofen before a mammogram screening at the clinic in Singapore. Using topical numbing creams before your exam may impair the accuracy of the x-ray image. Consider wearing a padded sports bra if you have soreness following your checkup. You can also consider taking extra pain relievers.

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