4 Reasons Companies in Singapore Require Pre Employment& Annual Medical Check-Up


Every firm wants its staff to be productive to meet their goals. Companies can obtain a complete health study of their prospective workers in Singapore by performing a pre-employment medical check-up. It will discover any existing problems that may interfere with their ability to do their future work. Moreover, it also assures prospective employees are physically competent in completing their allocated responsibilities.


Here are four reasons most companies in Singapore and abroad implement pre-employment and annual medical check-up procedures for prospective and current employees.

#1 Determine the Right Candidates


Employees are the driving force behind every business. Hence, organisations must select the best people. Asking job seekers in Singapore to undergo a pre-employment medical check-up assists them in identifying and ensuring a candidate has sound mental and physical health.

#2 Improved Efficiency, Less Absenteeism


Excellent health boosts concentration and allows employees to focus more on their tasks. Also, one of the most significant considerations is that employees can function successfully without taking breaks if their health is in good shape. Most fundamental health screenings can help detect the level of cholesterol in the blood through a test and a blood pressure test.

#3 Increases Loyalty


Employee loyalty is a crucial factor that any firm must work on aside from ensuring employee wellness. Most employees become more loyal if they believe the firm cares about them and meets all of their demands. Ensuring their health as employees in Singapore after their initial pre-employment medical check-up is one method to display it. That impact can drive people to work more efficiently and contribute more to the firm.

#4 Cut Costs & Expenses

Many corporations provide medical facilities and reimbursements for healthcare expenses. Hence, illness has a direct impact on these costs. The firm must fund the medical bills if employees take too many sick days. Companies in Singapore use their pre-employment medical check-up results to aid in the diagnosis of potential health concerns.

Pre-employment medical examinations are a type of workforce risk management tool to screen individuals for risk factors that may restrict their capacity to perform a job safely and efficiently. The health and safety of your employees are critical to increasing corporate productivity.

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