Exercise Your Way to a Healthier Self: 3 Tips to Lose Weight


If you have decided to jump on the fitness bandwagon and work towards a healthier self, there is no better time to start, than now. While you may have started to eat healthy and exercise regularly, there are a few tips that can ensure extreme effectiveness while exercising. In addition, you may choose to get some vitamin supplements and immunity boosters online from Healthskool pharmacy to augment your fitness levels.

Apart from helping you lose weight, exercising has multiple other benefits, such as strengthening joints, releasing endorphins to improve your mood, and reducing the risk of several chronic diseases. Whether you have inculcated exercise in your life to lose weight or remain fit, the primary motive is to burn lots of calories. When you burn calories, it creates a calorie deficit, helping you shed weight. If you are new to the world of fitness, it is advised to start slow rather than opt for a hectic & intense workout schedule.

Choose the right exercise time

Both diet and exercise play a key role in one’s weight loss journey. For actual weight loss, one needs to do both. But you need to start slow. If you have changed your diet and are eating clean and healthy or are following a strict one that is cutting lots of calories, it would be wise to wait for a few days before you kickstart a proper workout routine. The body cannot handle too many changes all at once, so if you are already eating restrictively, rigorous exercise can make you weak and tired. Take time to adopt both these habits so the exercise routine remains long-term and you don’t lose motivation. 

Don’t forget non exercise activities

It is crucial to follow a workout routine and be consistent with it. But if you only workout for a couple of hours in a day and remain ideal & follow a sedentary lifestyle for the remaining day, it will prevent you from getting healthy. Try to remain active and indulge in non-exercise activities such as gardening, taking the dog for a stroll, taking the kids to the park, grocery shopping and doing household chores. These will help you stay active and increase the calorie burn.

Don’t go for fancy workouts

Workout trends change from time to time and you will see many fancy workouts become popular. These may not really help you get fit. Especially if these are too hectic and extreme you may end up quitting after a few classes. Choose something that interests you and that will keep you going. A high intensity Pilates or Zumba class need not necessarily be more effective than jogging or walking for weight loss. Moderate exercises can be just as real for weight loss.

Apart from exercising, follow a healthy and nutritious diet. You should not be eating more calories than you are burning. Just because you did a strenuous workout does not give you the right to order ice cream or pizza or binge drink. Track your diet and exercise regime. You can buy some supplements or weight management medicine online after consulting with your nutritionist or doctor. Healthskool pharmacy offers a range of medicines and medical supplies, both online or offline. The best thing being, if they don’t have it in stock, they arrange it for you and have it delivered.