Glo: A Meditation App Library and Highlights from One Instructor


Glo is an online platform that brings yoga and meditation to your living room and beyond. The teachers at Glo are committed to a lifestyle that promotes mental and physical health. Each leader brings their unique style to the venue, and Glo gives you a portal so you can work with all of them. It is a meditation app for the masses. The meditations are available in audio form as well as videos. The video productions can help you get in proper alignment and learn how to position your arms and hands. No matter which form you choose, you can download them to your mobile devices. Now you have a meditation app that can go with you. This is a great option is you travel for business or want to take a mental break outside.

MC Yogi is one of the meditation instructors on Glo. He has a background in music, and he weaves those thoughts and vibes into his productions. His background makes him a gentle leader with a kind heart. Along with his meditation clips, he leads yoga classes as well. MC makes meditation fun.

The Doorway

MC Yogi put together a doorway themed meditation that takes the listener down the hallways of their heart. It is a program that releases tension and takes you to the chambers of your body via your five senses. In 15 minutes, the body and mind can be reminded of how they are connected. The process will help you rekindle your inner energy and strength.


Mantras are phrases or single words that influence the mind, and they vibrate through your core. MC Yogi’s experience with music makes him the perfect instructor for mantra-based meditations. The phrases that he speaks encourage wellness, emotional balance, and joy. These statements can stay with you through the day, or use the meditation app right before bed. You will drift off in a state of relaxed bliss.

Release Tension

Rivers and streams are associated with the flow of human emotions. MC blends flow with release to help the body and brain uncoil. It is a method that can take out muscular and mental tangles. He describes movement over your skin, which you can consciously play with. It’s a waterfall technique that can serve many purposes.

Five Minutes

If you have five free minutes, Yogi can open your heart up to goodwill. Being kind is a natural state, but often, the outside world can distract us from it. Within a few minutes, meditation can lead you back to compassion. Operating from this state will attract grace and understanding to you and those around you.


Some people new to meditation have difficulty visualizing. Glo and MC can help you practice with a meditation app centered on unity and peacefulness. Through breathing and body relaxation, MC will take you on a journey of serenity and pleasant visions.

Other Teachers

Glo brings together teachers from a variety of backgrounds. Tiffany Cruikshank is educated in eastern and western medical techniques. She has operated her own studio, so she knows what students are seeking. Elena Brower is a writer. You can find some of her work in major news outlets, and she has published two books.


Glo understands that people want to take creative adventures inside their own mind, and meditation is one way individuals can achieve that. Today, many people are ready to learn and take on new mental challenges. Glo has built a foundation around supporting these seekers. The company strives to offer updated and traditional meditation teachings through a variety of media vehicles. They employ instructors of all genders and make yoga and meditation an accessible study.