All you Want to Know about Manual Therapy


Despite the heavy benefits of this therapy, not a lot of people are aware of the concept of manual therapy. It is nothing, but a kind of physical treatment that’s used by physical therapists as well as physiotherapists for the sake of helping their patients in getting rid of their musculoskeletal disability and pain. The four most important things that it consists of are:

  • Kneading of the muscles
  • Manipulation of the muscles
  • Joint mobilization
  • Joint manipulation

Those who are aware of manual therapy are the ones who go through the same when they need to ot for it.

Wondering about the benefits of this therapy?

  • There is a touch therapy involved in this process and thus, the touch itself feels relaxing and healing. When your muscles are touched in the right manner, you feel great. You feel like there is someone who is providing you with care and comfort, only to help you with the pain you are going through.
  • This therapy helps the patient overcome the physical pains he has been going through. Even if it is a prolonged pain, the patient can be helped by the therapist in the right manner. The therapist needs to be experienced enough to give the right kind of treatment to the patient.
  • Muscle extensibility is provided to the patient when this sort of therapy is done on them. It is just that the whole process takes a couple of days, but the end result is always beneficial and in favor of the patient.
  • It is said that a lot of patients get relieved from inflammation, thanks to this therapy. Their flexibility, along with their mobility,is improved.
  • When tossed with physical exercises, it gives a lot of progress to the patients who wish to achieve their health goals.