Risk Factors and Value of Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Houston


Psychological illnesses are usually linked to substance abuse. In the absence of treatment, these deep-seated issues may result in a relapse or even the development of more maladaptive behaviors to deal with stress. Therefore, a holistic approach to addiction treatment via dual diagnosis therapy is necessary for long-term recovery.

Been Diagnosed with Both a Mental and Physical Illness?

Alcohol and other drugs addiction often accompanies mental health issues such as anxiety disorders, PTSD, depression, and personality disorders. About half of those who are dependent on drugs today have what is called a dual diagnosis.

There may be significant mental health issues that need to be addressed before alcohol or drug abuse treatment. Anxious or depressed people, for example, may resort to alcohol or drugs to alleviate their symptoms. Even though they may not recognize it, they continue to “self-medicate” with some medications in order to maintain a positive outlook on life. In the same way, people who have experienced trauma in the past may turn to legal or illegal drugs to dull the pain of those memories, ultimately becoming dependent on them in order to experience normal again.

Treatment and Risk Factors for Patients with a Dual Diagnosis

We still don’t know much about what triggers a dual diagnosis. It’s possible to acquire both a mental illness and a drug abuse problem simultaneously. As for doctors, they’ve seen some of the patterns.

One of them is gender. When it comes to substance abuse and mental illness, males are more likely than women also to have one or both of these conditions co-occur. Females are more susceptible to drug abuse since they are more likely to experience anxiety and sadness. Genetics may potentially also have a role in the progression of dual-diagnosis disorders.

For example, sudden behavioral shifts, using drugs in dangerous settings, and being likely to engage in risky activities are all signs that a person is in the early stages of a substance abuse problem. Dual-diagnosis therapy is critical, and there are so many options.

The Importance of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

A big change in the understanding of how to handle co-occurring disorders throughout the years has been experienced. Until recently, it was commonly accepted that treating mental illness without simultaneously addressing drug abuse was impossible.

Our knowledge of dual diagnosis treatment has improved, necessitating an integrated approach. A patient’s general health and well-being are considered when specialists devise a treatment plan. If such is the case, treatment may include counseling and/or pharmaceutical therapy, as well as aftercare.

Taylor Recovery Takes Pride in Offering the Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Houston

In order to get the best treatment for both your mental illness and your drug abuse, you should seek out professional help. Our counselors at Taylor Recovery Center are well-versed in a wide range of drug addiction illnesses and their effects. A broad range of therapy choices and counseling are available from us to help you get back on your feet and become well. Medical drug detox programs, inpatient rehab facilities, alcoholism treatment, and other programs, such as gender-specific programs, are some of the services we provide.