Why Summer is The Best Time to Start Exercising


You made a New Year resolution to work out every day but eventually gave up because it was too much effort. Sounds familiar? It’s a story that most of us have. Nothing to worry about though as summer is here. Did you know that it is the best time to start exercising? You didn’t?

We will tell you exactly why you should start/resume exercising in summer, then!

  1. The sun rises early in summer

A typical summer day starts with gentle sun rays pouring into your bedroom early in the morning. The weather outside is just perfect for an early morning jog – no too hot and not too cold. The air is fresh. It is absolutely beautiful and that’s the time you should grab your track pants and sneakers and go out for a run. Lovzme.com has a great collection of sportswear just for summer. Also, getting up in the morning during summer is much easier than in winter and monsoons, don’t you think? Even if the whole “gentle sun rays through your window” scenario doesn’t play out that way in your home, you can actually wake up earlier than usual. Working out seems less of a hassle when the sun is shining, doesn’t it?

  1. Swimming seems more enticing

What’s summer without swimming? Summers are perfect for going swimming daily. Swimming is an exercise too, people! You can go to a nearby lake or, if you are the adventurous type, a river too. Try boating, kayaking, surfing at a beach – whatever rocks your boat. You get to cool yourself down in the water and lose calories on the way. Could it get better than this?

  1. Exercise by the poolside

If your apartment has a pool, what’s stopping you from going there and working out? Exercising seems much easier when you are by the pool, and when you know that you are going to take a dip in the pool after your workout session is over. Summer gives you the freedom to bathe in a pool daily, which no other weather gives – another important reason why you should start exercising in the summers.

  1. Workout outdoors

Even if you do not have access to a pool or any other water body, why don’t you try just working out outdoors? Grab your exercise gear now and head outside for some awesome workout sessions.

  1. No excuse to grab the blanket

Morning workout sessions can really seem like a chore. Especially if you are not motivated enough to exercise, waking up can be really hard. In winters and monsoons, our beds are the warmest, most comfortable places in our entire homes. We can spend the whole day in bed, tucked under a warm blanket. Indeed, pushing away the blanket in winters is the biggest obstacle we’ve ever faced. Summer, however, is inviting. You don’t need to sleep under a blanket, so no question of getting out of it. Also, the warm weather is awesome for a quick workout, before it gets too hot.

  1. Enjoy the view

You can enjoy all the best views on a summer morning – cleaner hills, cool rivers, fresh air, birds, the blue sky – you name it. It’s all yours to see and soak up, and above all, these are free! Go trekking on the weekends or take long walks in a forest trail in the morning. Not only will you burn calories, but also end up seeing some amazing sights. What a total win-win situation!