Finding the Best PRP Kits for PRP Therapy – What to Know


Platelet-Rich Plasma or known as PRP therapy is one of the many procedures that are provided for interested people willing to remove the crow legs or saggy facial skin. However, to offer this therapy, the clinics should own a PRP kit, and finding the right one is very important. 

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Importance of a PRP Kit 

A PRP injection needs the growth factor that will be extracted from the blood plasma of the patients. Only a proper PRP centrifuge unit can get the purest form of growth factor for the PRP therapy. Hence, finding the best and the right PRP therapy unit is necessary here. 

During the centrifugation procedure, the RBCs, WBCs, and other such components in the blood should be removed completely. The therapy requires only blood plasma, and hence a right centrifuge is necessary in this case. 

The plasma cells that are separated from the blood cells will contain the required growth factors for injecting into any part of the body of the patients. If the centrifuge unit is not of top quality, then there might be chances of the separation of platelet-poor plasma cells, which are of no use. 

You can find many centrifuge machines that can guarantee the extraction of pure quality platelet-rich plasma. If the platelet count is not enough in the extracted plasma, then the procedure will not offer the required results. 

The important matter to consider while extracting plasma-rich platelets from blood components is the protection from some bacteria or viruses present in the atmosphere. The centrifuge unit that you are planning to buy should come with a cover, which can help you scoop the sample off of the buffy coat. Hence, find the unit that has an all-in-one mechanism in it. 

Ideal PRP Machine 

 A proper PRP unit will have these below-mentioned features in them. 

  • Easy-to-separate the required blood components 
  • Proper options to harvest autologous platelets 
  • A closed-off unit to safeguard the components from contamination 

Hair and Skin Rejuvenation with PEP Factor 

You can find hundreds of PRP kits that promise to work perfectly as required for PRP therapy. However, it is your work to look through all such available options and find the one that works for your procedure. The most preferred option today is PEP Factor. 

PEP Factor is a new kind of innovation in the world of cosmetic dermatology. This procedure includes fibroblast growth factors, bioidentical proteins, and copper peptide which is the best combination for stimulating the hair and cell regeneration healthily. This is not an injection and will be applied orally on the scalp area. 

PEP Factor is a non-surgical procedure and is in great demand in the world of cosmetic dermatology. This process is considered as an alternative for PRP therapy as well because of the wonderful results.