Is Surbex Z good for zinc deficiency?


Health supplements have been around for decades to help support a person’s health status. Many supplements available in the market cater for many health concerns and are made for people across all ages. Supplements work by covering what is lacking from diet and should not be the main source for a person to gain nutrients. When a person is diagnosed with deficiency of certain nutrients, treatment often involves supplementing patients with the nutrients they are lacking with. The question now, is Surbex zinc tablet good for zinc deficiency?

Before answering that, you might want to know more about zinc deficiency first. Zinc deficiency is typically rare and is most commonly seen in people who are unable to absorb well due to digestive issues such as those diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease or have just gone through surgery involving the digestive system. Pregnant women or those practising vegetarian/ vegan diets are also at risk for zinc deficiency. Zinc deficiency often led to skin changes at the beginning. The skin will appear similar to eczema with cracks and glazed-like skin that is typically found around the mouth, bum area and hand. Other symptoms include poor appetite, depressed mood, low immunity and hair loss. Normal serum zinc levels are between 70 to 250 ug/dL for adults and a person is said to have mild deficiency when the value is 40 to 60 ug/dL.

Now that you have understood zinc deficiency, it is best to know Surbex Z before connecting the dots between this supplement and the deficiency issues. Surbex Z is a supplement that combines all the essentials vitamin B or often known as B complex and packed with antioxidants of vitamin C and E. The Z in the supplement name refers to the zinc contents. A tablet of Surbex Z contains 22.5 mg of zinc that is equivalent to 100 mg of zinc sulphate. In general, Surbex Z helps to support the human body’s basic function and to enhance health status as a whole.

Surbex Z can be good for zinc deficiency. Treatment mainly aims to increase the level of zinc through supplementation of zinc. There are many formulations for zinc supplements including zinc sulphate that already existed in the Surbex Z. Treatment is often initiated by healthcare professionals when a person already shows symptoms of zinc deficiency even if their serum zinc levels are normal and those in high risk for zinc deficiency. Daily dose of 20 to 40 mg of zinc helps to cure symptoms within 1 to 2 weeks. Surbex Z contains 22.5 mg of zinc that is sure to help with zinc deficiency as it is within the range of zinc supplements used as the main treatment.

It is important to treat zinc deficiency as prolonged cases of zinc deficiency might lead to severe deficiency that makes a person at high risk for recurrent infections and diarrhoea which is a great discomfort. Other complications such as hypogonadism, emotional disorder and skin issues can be avoided when zinc deficiency is treated well. Surbex Z might seem the best way to help treat zinc deficiency but it is necessary to talk with your healthcare provider about this supplement before taking such a supplement to treat this medical condition. You certainly do not want to get excess zinc as it can be harmful and lead to toxicity. Hence, make sure your healthcare provider knows about this supplement before taking it and do follow doctor’s advice.

Zinc deficiency can be prevented by most people. The best way to prevent such conditions is to eat food high in zinc such as oysters and meat. Taking supplements of Surbex Z can help provide an adequate amount of zinc and also provide other basic nutrients.

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