Why Do You Need an Ultrasound Breast Examination 


Women might be prescribed to have an ultrasound examination of the breast if their doctor suspects a cancerous lump in the region. This examination helps the doctor determine accurately without the lump inside the breast is filled with fluid or solid form like a tumor. The report of the ultrasound will determine the size as well as the location of the lump as well that the doctor can study accurately.  

Results of the ultrasound breast examination 

The results of the ultrasound breast examination will be determined to evaluate whether the lump inside the breast is non-cancerous or not. But for the results to be accurate, a sample of the fluid or the tissue needs to be removed from the breast. This sample is taken to a laboratory to determine whether it is cancerous. For getting this tissue or the fluid sample of the breast, your doctor generally performs a biopsy. 

This is mostly an ultrasound-guided biopsy involving the use of a core needle. Once the sample has been collected, it will be taken to the laboratory. You will need to wait for some days to get the final report. You will be nervous or even anxious while you are waiting for the report. However, do not stress, generally, 4 out of 5 breast cysts or lumps are benign (non-cancerous).

Other reasons for the breast ultrasound test 

Besides determining whether the lump in a woman’s breast is cancerous, there are other cases where ultrasound tests should be used. This test involves the use of sound waves, and there is no radiation involved. It is safe for women who need to avoid radiation like pregnant mothers, women below 25 years, breastfeeding women, and those with breast implants made of silicone.

Preparing for the test 

The ultrasound test generally needs no special preparations. Do not wear powder or cosmetics or apply a lotion to your breast. They will interfere with the results of the test. The procedure is simple. Your doctor will ask you to undress from above your waist, and you will be instructed to lie on your back. A clear looking gel is applied to your breast. This gel is conducive to help the sound waves reach the interiors of your skin. The doctor takes a special device called a transducer. It looks like a wand, and it needs to be moved on the breast. 

This transducer transmits and gets sound waves that are high-frequency in nature. When these waves bounce off from the breast, the device records changes in direction and pitch. This gives you a real-time recording in the interiors of your breast on a computer. Images are recorded, and they form the basis of your ultrasound breast report. Once the procedure is over, the clear gel is carefully removed from your breast. Your doctor will ask you to get dressed. There are none as the procedure does not involve radiation, so it is entirely safe for you when it comes to risks.