What You Should Know About Chin Augmentation Surgery


With the medical advancements today, you are able to change almost anything you might not be satisfied about, when it comes to your appearance. From your facial structure, to some details. It all depends on what you are hoping the outcome will be. The chin augmentation surgery is one of the most common procedures for this.

The first thing you need to do is find a hospital and a doctor who suits your taste and has a lot of experience. For example, you can check out Dr Hodgkinson if you are interested, or search for a more local doctor instead. This all depends on what you are hoping to achieve, but having a proper doctor is important.

Chin augmentation can make a big difference

The procedure

The chin augmentation procedure is done for aesthetic purposes, and it is designed to enhance your beauty as it will change the aspects of your face that you might dislike. This surgery will reshape and enhance the size of your chin, depending on the outcome you were hoping for.

It is often done with implant inserts and it can also be done by moving and shaping bones to fit the aesthetic. The surgery will often e performed in a hospital, but it could also be done in the surgeon’s office, depending on the procedure and your doctor.

Before you go through with the procedure, your doctor will take X-rays of your chin and face, which will help them while performing the surgery. This way they get to see the area while working on it. If you were hoping to round your chin, you will probably need to go under general anesthesia, or you could be given a medicine that will help and numb that part of your body.

After that, you will have a cut made on the outside under of your chin or the inside of your mouth, and with that cut, your doctor will be able to put an implant or reconstruct your chin. The real bone or fat tissue will be used, and sometimes the basic implants that are made out of silicone or the newer biological tissues.

The chin augmentation can make a drastic change in your appearance

Good candidates

As you should know, not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure. You can learn more about chin augmentation with Dr Hodgkinson and whether you are a suitable candidate. This is why the consultation is necessary, as that will tell your doctor which is the right procedure for your desired outcomes, and whether it is safe for you to go under the knife.

Final word

There are many different plastic and cosmetic procedures out there, and they are designed to help you achieve a certain look, and in some cases, they are done for medical purposes as well. You should schedule an appointment with your doctor and discuss all your options. Pick a good clinic and a reputable surgeon, and achieve the look you’ve always hoped for.