Tips to quit smoking habit from your life


Smoking is the addiction and it causes severe diseases. All of them know the risk of smoking and it is not an easier task to forget the smoking habit. You can surely quit smoking addiction with some help. There are so many tips to quit smoking and also resources to help you.

Make your plan:

Identify the reason for quitting and you can rise to the challenge. If you have tried to quit smoking don’t let that be an obstacle and more time you try to quite that greater your chance of success.

Understand your high-risk time:

Smoking is not just a physical addiction to nicotine and it is also a psychological addiction. Anticipate your high-risk situation and plan for them and this helps you deal with better. Some triggers for smoking cravings are finishing the meal, driving a car, drinking coffee, drinking alcohol, social events, using the phone, stressful situations. Here some of the strategies for dealing with some triggers. Some of them are

  • If you have a habit of smoking with morning coffee, then plan to have your coffee at work.
  • If you have a habit to smoke when driving, then plan to take a different route.
  • If you have a habit to smoke after your meal, then plan to get up after a meal. You can go for a long walk or brush your teeth.
  • If you have a habit to smoke when you are on the phone then put a stress ball next to your phone to keep your hand occupied.
  • Plan to keep yourself busy and too much structured time is not a good thing when it comes to smoking cessation.


Stock up on supplies:

Most of the smoker understands that smoking is the oral addiction and when you are trying to quit smoking your brain still craves the oral sensation of a cigarette. At the time, stock up on oral substitutes like raw vegetables, carrot sticks, gum, hard candy, straws, coffee stirrers, etc.

Pick a quit date:

A quit date is a personal commitment and it is important because it prepares your mind subconsciously. Try to pick a date within the next month and it doesn’t have to be a special day. For example, write down the quit date anywhere and look at it for every date. If are going to use smoking cessation medication like Chantix or Zyban that your doctor may have suggested that you start using them now.

Let people know:

Quitting smoking is easier with support and select one person who you think will be helpful. Tell them about your quitting plan and they will help you. Sometimes friends can help to distract you from the smoking taught, or sharing your struggles makes them lighter.


Remove smoking remainders:

Smoking like the addiction is triggered by people, place or some things and in this case, paraphernalia includes cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays, and matches. Get rid of all of them and don’t save anything in any case.

Try to use the nicotine patch to quit smoking. If you’re recovering from drugs, it doesn’t make sense to have hard work for recovery and then drop dead from smoking.