Different Types of Treatments For Dental Problems


Today, dental problems are common among people due to the change in the lifestyle and eating habits of people. The root causes of dental problems include bad eating habits, excess of sugar in food items and poor brushing habits. There are a number of dental issues such as oral cancer, gum disease, tooth decay, bad breath, mouth sores, tooth erosion, tooth sensitivity, toothache, and many more. Along with these dental problems, there are many treatment facilities are available with people. All the dental issues can be resolved with the help of latest technologies and treatment facilities for people. These treatments can be easily obtained from the best dentist in Ludhiana because of the lowest cost of treatment. Here is numerous treatment for different types of dental problems.

Dental implants

Dental implants are the surgical process that is used to place the artificial teeth in the place of damaged or missing teeth. Most of the dental implants are made from titanium metal. Implants are supported by bone that do not impact the surrounding teeth. Before dental implants, there is a need to examine the health of gums to check whether gum and bone can support the implant or not. If the bone is thin and not able to support an implant then bone grafting is required before implants. If the height of bone is less in the upper jaw or the sinuses are very close to the jaw then sinus lift is required. It is a surgical method of adding bone to the upper jaw. Dental implants are very expensive, thus find affordable dental implants in Ludhiana . Dental implants can be placed in your jawbone and bond with natural bone. They provide a suitable base that supports artificial teeth, known as crowns. After this, a connector is placed on the top of dental implants to support crowns.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is called endodontic therapy that is used to remove the infection from the tooth. It is also useful to protect the tooth from future infections. In this process, the nerve removed from the pulp of the tooth. In this type of treatment, initially, Best dental clinic in Ludhiana removes everything that is inside the root canal. After cleaning the tooth, the dentist fills it with a rubber-like material. Now, the teeth are very fragile than before and need a crown or filling to protect it.

TMJ treatment

TMJ/TMD treatment in India is used to reduce the pain in jaw points and neck that is caused by numerous medical problems. TMJ disorder takes place due to jaw injury or inflammation. It can be diagnosed with the help of x-ray and can be cured with pain relievers or exercises as per the condition of patients.

Sensitive teeth treatment

Sensitivity is a common dental problem that occurs due to the consumption of hot or cold drinks and bad brushing habits. It creates a sharp and immediate pain in the teeth which is unbearable sometimes. It can be treated by hiring affordable dental care in Ludhiana. There are a number of treatment options for sensitivity as per the severity of the problem. There is a need to address the reasons for the sensitivity before providing any treatment. Dentists suggest different brands of toothpaste to a different type of sensitivity to decrease the pain. Fluoride gel can be used to strengthen the tooth enamel and decrease the pain in the tooth. Gum grafting can be useful to protect the root and decrease sensitivity.