Naturopathic Medicine – What is it Exactly?


We are all understandably suspicious of new trends in the world of medicine that we haven’t heard of. This is even more the case when these new trends come off as anything remotely “alternative”. But this is not at all to say that every unfamiliar or alternative treatment is to be met with disdain or accusations of quackery. Naturopathic medication is one less well-known medical trend that is nevertheless already making a difference to the lives of millions. But if the elusive name is confusing you somewhat, you might be wondering what on earth it is.

Some Familiar Naturopathic Remedies 

Despite the fact that naturopathic medication might sound like something new-fangled, it actually isn’t. All naturopathic medication is, most essentially, is the use of natural remedies to promote bodily healing. This does nothing to fly in the face of science (like homeopathy does) and no naturopathic doctor would disdain advanced medical technology and drugs where they are proven to work as they undoubtedly have their place. Rather, naturopathic medicine and treatment focus on medically sound remedies – just ones that happen to be found in nature. And more to the point, you will certainly already be aware of several naturopathic remedies. 

Have you ever consulted a massage therapist for a bad back? Ever visited an acupuncturist? Have you ever done any exercise? All of these are examples naturopathic treatment. Kiya Longevity, an innovative new company offering naturopathic consultations conducted via advanced telehealth technology, stress that any natural health remedy is technically a form of naturopathic treatment.

Of course, the discipline itself and the name refer to a specific movement within the healthcare community and that is something more specific than simply the natural remedies which have been around for millennia. But even so, naturopathy, as a discipline, has a long pedigree. First brought to the United States from Germany in the 1800s, the discipline has a storied history and has been making a difference to the lives of millions for two hundred years. 

How Does Naturopathic Healthcare Work?

Any healthcare solution which derives from an entirely natural source can be considered a naturopathic treatment. The actual naturopathic discipline has a bit more to it though. The central philosophy of the movement emphasizes holistic treatment. What this means, in practice, is that naturopathic treatments target the whole person – their mind, body and spirit. The goal is to heal the root causes of an illness, not just to stop the symptoms. 

A naturopathic doctor will typically spend much longer examining a patient than an ordinary medical professional. The reason for this is that it is vital not only to identify the ailment and the possible medical causes, but also to gather information regarding health history, stress level, lifestyle habits, and much besides. The goal, again, is to take a holistic approach and, in order to facilitate that, as much information as possible is necessary. Only after this has been completed can the doctor advance to prescribing treatment. 

Who is it For?

The short answer here is “everybody”. Naturopathic doctors can be found practicing medicine in hospitals, clinics, community centers, and out of private surgeries. Naturopathic healthcare, however, is particularly beneficial for those suffering from chronic diseases, side effects from other treatments and, in short, anyone who has persistent, ongoing problems and would benefit from a holistic examination in order to really get to the heart of the complex intersection of factors which could be causing the illness. 

If you would like to dig a bit deeper into what is causing your ailment and are looking for something beyond a simple elimination of symptoms, then naturopathic medicine could very well be for you.