Finer Options for the IVF Treatments


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Every year, many couples (homosexuals and heterosexuals) and single people use medically assisted procreation (ART), also called procreation medical assistance (MPA) to conceive a child. Although painless, the treatment can be long and tiring, both physically and mentally. The IVF, artificial insemination or donation of gametes. How to prepare for a treatment of PMA? With the cheap ivf you can have the best deals now.

How to prepare psychologically before a PMA treatment?

Learning or realizing that fertility treatment should be a painful or traumatic decision for some future parents, especially for women who decide to make a lone child or infertile couples. Designing via artificial insemination, IVF or using an oocyte or sperm donation is not a trivial gesture.

Talk as much as you can to your spouse, family or specialist. Do not rush and take the time to accept this news which can be difficult to hear. It is important to prepare yourself psychologically before embarking on the adventure, either for the numerous medical examinations or to prepare oneself in some cases to suffer chess. If you decide to have a child and to follow a treatment of PMA is very addictive, yet it is essential not to focus solely on the desire for a child. Come out as a couple or with your friends, discover new activities. In short, try to keep an active life next to your child project.

Which fertility center to choose?

In France, the treatments of PMA (IVF or artificial insemination) are framed by the laws of bioethics.Only couples who have been married or have been living together for at least two years and are of childbearing age have the right to fertility treatment in an approved center. In particular, there are around 100 FIV LDC centers in France.

Single persons, women aged 43 and over and same-sex couples cannot access the MPA in France. To conceive a child and benefit from an LDC treatment, many choose to do an insemination or IVF.

What budget for a PMA treatment?

The budget for an LDC treatment can be substantial and especially if you are not eligible for reimbursement of MPAs, especially if you are a homosexual couple or a single person. Artificial insemination costs on average 450 euros per attempt. If you are eligible, the Health Insurance covers up to a maximum of six attempts and up to 42 years of age. To benefit from it, it is necessary to send to your Health insurance fund a request for exoneration of the co-payment as well as the request for a preliminary agreement signed by your gynecologist. As for the in vitro fertilization, four attempts are taken in charge 100% by social security, until the 43rd birthday of the woman. It takes between 3000 to 4000 euros per IVF on average.

Added to this is the cost of transportation and accommodation if the center of PMA is far from home, especially if you go abroad for IVF or artificial insemination. Also think about the days of absence at work if they are unpaid. At the top fertility clinic you can make the best choice now.

How to maximize the chances of design?

To maximize your chances of pregnancy, you must first perform many medical tests. After an interview and a clinical examination, the woman is asked to monitor her ovulation period. A good way to know the date is to take its temperature every morning for two or three months.