Misconceptions about Bariatric Surgery


With obesity at extensive levels, many people consider bariatric surgery as the best option. Yet, misconceptions about various Bariatric Surgeries like sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, and Lap-Band that prevail, keep many candidates from pursuing these procedures, while all of them are effective ways to treat the weight loss.

1.Misconception: Type of surgery, doesn’t matter.

Fact: Just like two people are different from each other, every surgery is very different, and each is tailored specifically to that person’s need and problem.

2. Misconception: Willpower, a good diet, and exercise regimens work well. Surgery is like a “cop-out.”

Fact: Most candidates who see a bariatric surgeon have already tried other techniques like- diet, exercise, and medications to control and lose their weight for years, even decades and many have got failures.

3. Misconception: Surgery is a waste as you just gain the weight back.

Fact: Research shows that not only patients with bariatric surgery lose more weight than those who only diet and exercise, but they also maintain it off.

4. Misconception: As bariatric surgery is cosmetic, so it ain’t covered under insurance.

Fact: The most important benefits of bariatric surgery are not only cosmetic, although extreme weight loss will transform your body appearance. Furthermore, it cures many diseases and issues that are associated with excess weight loss.

5. Misconception: Need for after undergoing bariatric surgery.

Fact: Research shows, 99.9 percent of weight loss surgery is done through the laparoscopic process. So, there is no big scar caused that will require plastic surgery.

6. Misconception: Candidate can be too heavy for undergoing bariatric surgery.

Fact: It is only true for patients over 500 pounds as then the surgery can be quite challenging.

7. Misconception: Bariatric surgery is unsafe for older adults.

Fact: With weight, age can also be a risk factor. But especially if you also have other serious health issues that can make the surgery riskier. But that doesn’t automatically exclude you. Consult an expert before presuming anything.

8. Misconception: Surgery is risky and has a long recovery time.

Fact: For the majority of people, the risk involved with bariatric surgery is very low and can be compared to having your gall bladder removed.

Contact the professional bariatric surgeon who will separate fact from fiction and will give you accurate knowledge about the surgery.