Learn What is Whey Protein and What Can it Do


It won’t be long before you realize you need a good protein supplement when you first start bodybuilding. Any seasoned bodybuilder will advise you to use whey protein, but what you need is protein isolate. What exactly is whey isolate, and how does it differ from other protein supplements?

A whey isolate is a product that has had the lactose, fat, and carbohydrates removed during the manufacturing process of whey protein. It has been essentially ‘isolated,’ so to speak. But why is this isolate so crucial for muscle building?

First, let’s take a closer look at whey protein isolate. When you begin looking for this magical product, you will notice that isolate is significantly more expensive than other whey products. This is because processing the isolate is more costly for the manufacturer, and it is a higher quality product, and, of course, it has more biological value. Although it may appear to be costly, when the benefits of the isolate are considered, the cost is justified. With that said, let’s go over why whey isolate is so essential to you as a bodybuilder.

Whey protein is derived from milk, and the lactose, fat, and carbohydrates have been removed, leaving only the purest form of whey protein. You’ve probably heard your entire life that milk is good for you. While milk has many health benefits, it does have one drawback: it’s very fattening. Furthermore, whey protein products that are not isolated products, like milk, are fattening.

Whey isolate, like whey protein, has a plethora of bodybuilding advantages. It contains branched-chain amino acids, which are necessary for muscle tissue growth and maintenance. While you are building muscle, you are also causing damage to those muscles, and whey protein is required to replace what your strengths are losing, making your bodybuilding efforts more effective. Essentially, of all the protein sources available, whey protein is at the top of the list regarding how good it is for you, with isolate being near the top of that list.

Aside from helping you build muscle, whey protein isolate can also help you boost your immune system and detoxify your body. It also helps to increase your body’s natural pain-relieving hormones, allowing you to keep up with your training schedule. Have you ever wondered how bodybuilders could train so hard every day? They don’t get sore because of the supplements they take.

So, instead of regular whey protein products, look for whey protein products when shopping for these supplements. The cost is higher, but it is justified, and you will notice the difference between the two types almost immediately.