Medicinal turmeric: more proven properties!


It is an essential spice of curry, but also of the medicine cabinet due to its therapeutic potential. A good part of the properties attributed to turmeric are due to its antioxidant action. And more specifically to the action of curcumin, a compound that contains the rhizome of the plant and that is better assimilated when accompanied by black pepper and some fat. When you buy best curcumin supplement online, always remember to see the therapeutic ingredients and quality of the properties. If well assimilated, curcumin fights tissue oxidation, reducing irritation and deterioration. But its properties are many. Let’s see below the scientifically proven properties so far.

Helps fight cancer –

Studies show that curcumin reduces the appearance of cancer cells in the mouth, skin, and intestines. It also facilitates premature cancer cell death and is capable of inhibiting metastasis in numerous tumors. It can be used as a complement to chemotherapy, as it enhances the effectiveness of taxol and has an action similar to tamoxifen.

Relieves osteoarthritis –

Curcumin acts on the mediators of inflammation, such as platelet aggregation, COX enzyme activity, etc. Turmeric activity approximates “COX2 inhibitor” anti-inflammatory drugs, but without its side effects. Consuming best curcumin supplement UK has no side-effects. Turmeric extract supplement with 95% curcuminoids and compounds that increase their bioavailability is indicated.

It is digestive and fat burner –

Due to its anti-inflammatory action, turmeric is also indicated in other processes that affect organs, such as inflammatory bowel disease, inflammation of the ocular cornea, pancreatitis or irritable bowel. Added to stews, turmeric facilitates fat metabolism by improving the quantity, quality and flow of bile. In healthy people it is an excellent digestive with foods that are especially fatty. If you carry out a weight loss regimen, turmeric mobilizes and helps “burn” fat.

Good for skin and eyes –

The nerve cells of the eye are loaded with pigments, and curcumin is very useful for macular degeneration. This is a disease typical of old age, in which the macula begins to degrade and lose its ability to perceive. Now, turmeric does not act only from within the body. It is also capable of doing it through the skin. For this reason it is indicated for the healing of ulcers and wounds, and as a rejuvenating agent. It has also been found useful as a fungicide, insecticide or insect repellent.

How to enhance the absorption?

There is no doubt that there are plenty of reasons to use turmeric regularly. However, isolated curcumin is not well assimilated by the body. It is not well absorbed and does not reach the tissues, so it cannot act and is quickly eliminated. In curcumin supplements, it is supplemented with micelles and phospholipids complexes that increase its bioavailability up to almost 7 times. A typical dose in curcumin supplementation is about 500 mg daily. Very high doses may cause heartburn.