How do you deal with damaged and dry hair? (7x tips)


Many beauties don’t even want to think about not doing these hair treatments anymore. But regular coloring, bleaching, straightening or blow-drying can damage your hair strands. Your hair ends break down faster, because they are drier than the rest of your hair. Your hair is damaged, feels dry and is fragile.  With the tips below we help you to restore and permanently care for your dry ends and damaged hair! 

Hair that is damaged and dry feels brittle and coarse and results in split ends that make you sad. If you have damaged hair, giving your hair time is the best solution for maximum recovery. Of course, there is also the need to distance yourself more from heat styling tools (we know very well how difficult this is!). If it really doesn’t work, make sure you lower the temperature. 

The higher the temperature of your styling tool, the more hair damage you cause. Read our blog with tips to damage your hair as little as possible when you style it. You can speed up this recovery process in a number of ways, leaving your hair in no time looking healthy again. What is damaged hair and what are the causes?

Cut your hair regularly

To treat damaged hair, the first tip we give you is to cut the split ends! As much as you love to keep those hair strands long. Your hair will often look a lot better and healthier. To offer your hair the maximum, the overnight treatment from SachaJuan is very nice. This treatment that you let work in during your beauty sleep , works wonders in the hair. It gives damaged or dry hair elasticity and shine again!

Wash your hair less!

Washing your hair less often really helps against damaged hair. Shampoos cause the hair cuticles to open every time, causing them to damage faster. A conditioner could remedy this, because it closes the hair cuticles again. Don’t forget that with a shampoo you also remove sebum from your scalp. Sebum is actually necessary to keep the hair cuticles healthy and to cover them. 

Without sebum, the scales are considerably more fragile. You can’t fix that with a conditioner. Less frequent washing is therefore recommended. Do you have trouble with that? Then you can use a dry shampoo from Waterclouds.

Use conditioner for your hair

As mentioned before, a conditioner closes the hair cuticles and makes your hair always feel smooth. Did you know that rinsing your hair with cold and lukewarm water can give the same effect? Because the hair cuticles lie flat, they have less to endure and you keep them strong for longer. That way you can also repair damaged hair. However, the advantage of a conditioner is that it contains nourishing ingredients to treat damaged hair.

Heat protection is indispensable

Using a heat protection spray with excessive use of a hair dryer or straightener works wonders! Damaged hair is mainly caused by using heat styling tools. Enough reason to rather deviate from that. Can’t live without it, can you? The CHI 44 Iron Guard  Heat Protection Spray protects the hair from damage by heat tools. The hair serum BioSilk Silk Therapy is also super nice. 

This hair serum protects and nourishes! Read all about this bestseller in the silk blog . We also recommend keeping the temperature on straighteners and curling irons as low as possible. It is also important that your hair is not dripping wet when you blow-dry your hair. More heat equals less love for your hair, is the conclusion.

Stimulate sebum production

Your scalp produces sebum, which protects your hair by keeping it “oiled.” This way the hair cuticles remain flexible and have a protective layer of sebum over them. Vitamin A is one of the drivers for production. Therefore, eat enough foods that contain vitamin A, such as fish, meat, dairy products or vegetables and fruit. Incidentally, there are also plenty of vitamins that prevent hair loss, which you can absolutely adapt your diet to to reduce hair loss. 

If you can’t reach that number, a hair vitamin is a good solution to additionally prevent hair damage.OASE Hair Vitamins contains a good dose of vitamin A, but also 15 other ingredients that prevent hair breakage and let your hair grow healthy again!

Brush the hair gently

One of the biggest causes of damaged hair is friction between your hair and a brush. Unfortunately, you can’t always prevent this, but with an anti-tangling spray and a quality brush you can get pretty far. Always take the time to gently comb or brush your hair and use, for example, the anti-tangle spray from Waterclouds . This is a spray that moisturizes the hair and helps smooth out your combing or brushing session. When we talk about a quality brush, we immediately think of The Knot Dr. and Delphin & Emmerence .

Hair dye

Finally, dyeing your hair or any other chemical treatment is not good for your hair, period. The chemicals affect both your hair cuticles and the inside of your hair. If you already have damaged hair, it is recommended to avoid chemical treatments. If you have dyed your hair and you want to optimally protect your hair color, a good shampoo and conditioner is important. 

Preferably without parabens and sulfates, as this protects the color of your hair and at the same time nourishes your hair. SachaJuan ‘s color protects shampoo and conditioner moisturizes the hair and restores inner strength thanks to its patented algae formula: The OceanSilk technology