Importance of Maintaining Connection with Others and Ourselves During Recovery


A robust support network significantly increases one’s ability to stay sober. Being a member of a group that guides members to refrain from using alcohol or drugs is really beneficial. While receiving addiction therapy, keeping regular contact with your therapists, friends, and family is also crucial. Call Skyward Center if you have any inquiries about our game-changing addiction treatment programs.

Below is the importance of having a connection with ourselves and with others during addiction recovery.

Maintaining Connection with Ourselves

In order to uncover the trauma we’ve kept suppressing, connecting with oneself can allow us to go deeper into our feelings and recollections. It is also possible to identify the force behind change. By connecting with ourselves, we better understand our needs on the spiritual, social, economic, emotional, and cerebral levels. By following the reality of our interests, we could start to develop connections. We could ponder what makes us happy and how we might be in the present. If we’re able to connect with ourselves, we can learn more about how we hurt and how to fix it.

We must first identify who we are at the most fundamental level of existence if we are to really connect with our authentic selves. Knowing what we like and dislike will help us figure out who we are. We are able to consider what brings us joy and what we could do to maintain those emotions throughout the day. Stress, worry, and negative thoughts may be lessened by being in the present. Self-awareness can help us connect with ourselves.

Self-awareness is not a symptom of self-indulgence but rather of self-compassion. Self-awareness enables us to look inside for solutions, bringing harmony and balance into our lives. One strategy for accomplishing this objective is meditation. By meditating, one is able to unwind and develop more self-awareness. Among its many advantages, meditation also helps us develop emotional stability, encourage compassion, enhance self-talk, generate an attitude of appreciation, develop an awareness of our body and mind, de-stress, and solve problems. Additionally, keeping a diary and forming healthy routines can also help us understand ourselves better.

Maintaining Connections with Others

Community building can be fostered through interpersonal interaction, communication, or a shared interest. Connecting with people can help reduce negative thoughts, which are caused by feelings of loneliness. Humans have an intrinsic urge to make social bonds, and when they do, the brain releases more endorphins and pleasure chemicals.

Strong social ties and relationships with others help people feel less stressed while extending their lives and lowering their risk of dementia.

Many individuals in recovery can gain from joining a 12-Step program to develop and solidify their bonds with others. In our community, networking is another way to meet people and create ties. After a life of addiction, finding others who share your aspirations at work might help you feel more confident.

Few Words from Skyward Treatment Center

Skyward Treatment Center in Dallas offers its patients online counseling and therapy because it understands the importance of maintaining a connection throughout recovery. Other services:

  • Medical detox
  • 12-Step programs
  • Group Therapy
  • Outpatient Rehab
  • Inpatient Rehab
  • Individual Therapy

Contact a reputed rehabilitation center and ask for assistance from a caring staff member to regain control over your life. To discover more about Skyward Center and the different programs and services we offer our clients, call us today.