Medical Student Diaries: My Experience With Psychotherapy In Singapore

Being a medical student goes beyond earning the coveted title that gives you the power and responsibility of saving lives. On top of that, we have tasks to accomplish, tests to pass, and a healthy mindset to maintain. We need to manage everything, and one of the steps I have taken is to do psychotherapy in Singapore. One requirement for mental health concerns is breaking the stigma. There is nothing wrong with realising something is missing. In short, take action, and get the help your body and mind need.


My life is ordinary for a twenty-something who is on the road to earning a professional title. I have a loving family who supports me, a financially-stable life that does not require me to hustle harder than usual, and a set of friends and classmates who have been with me throughout this journey. There is stability and security, which I have valued the most. However, my crisis started when things seemed stale or worthy of questioning.


I did not even think about depression counselling in Singapore or those mental health topics because I did not consider the idea that I may be going through a crisis. Aside from that, I somehow dismissed myself because of the thinking that these things are usual for people struggling to balance their time and energy. That is when the problems started because overlooking symptoms is the biggest no-no in mental health concerns.


Taking action was one of the most challenging parts of this journey because I did not know which solution to take. Should I have strengthened my faith and focused on those things? Or go the usual path to counselling in Singapore because of their scientifically-proven claims and techniques? Luckily, I have adopted a healthy balance of the two things: Focusing on my beliefs and seeking the appropriate medical attention.


After taking action and considering many solutions, I have decided to consult a mental health professional to find a way to get out of this slump and overcome this obstacle. Thankfully, I knew the doctor was the best for my needs because they go through the necessary medical processes to check their patients. I took a psychological assessment in Singapore to help them get an overview of my mental state. After that, we did a series of consultations.


Given that I have a working knowledge of medical processes and what most doctors should follow in the clinic, I felt safe and secure during my psychotherapy sessions because I knew the things that make the experience healthy. Aside from that, the doctor knew what I was going through, and we even talked about medical-related things because nothing is better than interacting with those who share the same interest. Never overlook symptoms and get the appropriate attention you need. Whether it is a string of counselling sessions your mind needs or a psychological assessment to examine everything, you deserve to overcome obstacles and have a healthy balance in your mind and body. Visit Redwood Psychology, and trust their process.