You Are In Your Midlife And Your Body Seems Different


If you have form 45 to 55 years, it is possible that your body is preparing or it already is in menopause.  Women have different menopause symptoms, and that is because different parts of the body are using estrogen. Estrogen is a hormone which is produced by ovaries, but when ovaries are affected by aging, they start to produce less estrogen, until its production totally stops.

Some women experience light or mild symptoms which they can easily control, but other women can experience heavy symptoms, and they are usually searching for possible solutions. These menopause signs according to Australian Menopause Centre will affect the quality of a woman’s life, so it is important to understand these changes.

Every woman goes through the menopause

Most common symptoms

  • Changes in menstrual circle. This is something that you will notice first. You period can be shorter or longer, amount of bleeding may be different, and these changes are normal, but if you notice changes such as heavy bleeding, spotting, period last more than a week, periods come very close, contact your doctor to make sure that everything is good.
  • Hot flushes. Many women experience hot flushes, which can appear before menopause and last couple of years after menopause. They are coming from changed levels of sex hormones, and they are manifesting as a sudden feeling of heat which is usually affecting upper part of the body, but it can spread on whole body.

Hot flushes are considered as the worst menopause symptom

  • Vaginal and bladder health. Vagina will most probably get dry, and this can make your sex life uncomfortable. Besides dryness, it is possible that your vagina or bladder get some kind of infections. For some women, holding their urine becomes problematic. This bladder condition is known as incontinence.
  • You may notice that your libido is lower. This is normal due to hormone changes and problems with vaginal lubrication. After a year without a period, it is possible that you will gain back your libido, as the hormones are settle.
  • Mood changes. It is most likely that you could get easily irritated around the menopause. Besides the hormones, the family changes such as older parents and growing children can cause these changes, even cause depression or anxiety.
  • It is quite common that women in menopause can’t get enough sleep. For some women it is hard to fall asleep, and for others waking up in the middle of the night or too early can cause sleep-deprivation. Night sweats are one of the causes why women wake up.

These changes can appear even during perimenopause. Perimenopause is the period before menopause, which lasts for a couple of years before menopause completely stops. Because some women are having heavy symptoms, perimenopause treatment made by Australian Menopause Centre can be your solution for easier perimenopause.

Final word

Do your research and get to know menopause. You will be prepared knowing what to expect, and a good doctor will lead you in the right direction.