In the modern day, more people are embracing the benefits of using cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, the more reason online cannabis dispensaries are growing in popularity. Although ordering your favorite cannabis products online is convenient and time-saving, it can be challenging to identify good quality cannabis without seeing it firsthand.

Not all online cannabis dispensaries guarantee quality and value for your money, and you have to be careful to avoid low-quality products. Thankfully, here are some basic guidelines for finding good quality cannabis online.

Know what you need

Know what kind of cannabis product you need before heading to the dispensary. You may already be aware that there are different types of cannabis products, including oils, buds, vapes, edibles, tinctures, topicals, concentrates, etc. The delivery method differentiates them, and the experience is different for every consumer. 

While some people prefer smoking cannabis buds, others prefer cannabis edibles like cookies with an easier delivery method. Most importantly, know your desired product before shopping.

Check the concentration levels.

The concentration of CBD and THC levels differentiate many cannabis strains and products. Why are you using the product? Your intended use of the cannabis product determines the ideal concentration levels you should seek. 

For instance, if you use cannabis for medical purposes, you should consider buying products with high CBD concentrations. In contrast, you should target cannabis with high THC concentration if using it for recreational purposes.

Research the best brands 

The best way to identify good-quality cannabis is to conduct your research first. Take your time to find out about different cannabis brands in the market. You can take advantage of reviews from customers who have used the products as they give you an opinion of what to expect when you buy them. Famous cannabis brands provide top-quality cannabis products, making them suitable, especially for beginners.

Choose a reputable cannabis dispensary.

Your best way to source quality cannabis is to order from a dispensary you can trust. Reputable cannabis dispensaries like the KushMapper are licensed, and third parties test their products for harmful chemicals and pesticides. That can assure you of quality cannabis products that you can rely on for your medical or recreational needs.

Reviews and ratings are handy for identifying a reputable cannabis dispensary. When checking out the reviews of a prospective dispensary, look for comments that touch on the quality of their products, price, and customer service. That can help you identify good-quality buds and other cannabis products to satisfy your needs.

Ask about the source.

Before ordering weed online, you want to know about the source to determine its quality. While some cannabis dispensaries source their weed from local farmers, others grow it onsite to ensure they produce it appropriately. You cannot go wrong with a dispensary that cultivates its weed on site since they know what production processes are used.


As long as you have these hints in mind, you can easily find good-quality marijuana online. Most importantly, buy from a reputable dispensary.