The Future of Digital Medicine Precision Drug Delivery


Healthcare is speedily moving towards precision drug delivery medicine that offers a deeper understanding of human physiology by using genetic insights and advances in technology. This is pivotal in alleviating unnecessary suffering related to medical care, due to unintended side effects, which can result from the current one-size-fits-all approach. It will additionally cut back the cost of treatment by eliminating ineffective treatment plans supported by informative insights.

Precision medicine allows doctors to select treatments based on a genetic understanding of the patient’s disease, and then to deliver personalized treatment plans tailored for the said patient.

Innovation in the precision medicine field promises substantial benefits, however, it will change the way in which some health services are delivered and evaluated. Since biomarker discovery is now booming and the artificial intelligence-based technologies are skyrocketing, the refinements done to the methods and processes of evidence assessments will help to adapt and maintain the objective of investing in healthcare.

Wireless Ingestible Capsules

Researchers have created a capsule that is ingestible; it can be controlled by using Bluetooth wireless technology. The capsule can be customized to deliver drugs, sense environmental conditions, or both. The capsule can reside inside the stomach for at least a month, transmitting information and responding to instructions coming from the user’s smartphone.

The capsules are 3-D printed capsules, manufactured by utilizing the 3-D printing technology to its maximum. They can be deployed to deliver drugs for various diseases, especially those that require long-term treatments. The capsules also can be designed to detect infections or allergic reactions and once the detection release a certain drug to deal with the said event.

These capsules can also be used to communicate with wearable devices along with medical implants. Then, they will have the ability to pool information and sending this information to the patient’s smartphone or even his doctors’.

In the year 2016, researches succeeded in developing a star-shaped capsule containing six arms that can be folded up to be encased inside a smooth capsule.

After the patient swallows it, the capsule dissolves expanding the arms, which makes it lodge inside the stomach.

One of the six arms is divided into four different small compartments that can be used for different drugs. These drugs can have a polymer packaging that allows them to be released over a certain period of time up to a month.

SmartTab™ Wireless Ingestible Capsule

SmartTab™ is the world’s first ingestible wireless powered and remote-controlled drug delivery system providing effective and targeted drug delivery. Via their ingestible capsule that is swallowed by the patient and travels through the gastrointestinal tract releasing drugs at the right place and right time.

SmartTab™ communicate with the patients’ phones wirelessly without any on-board batteries. It has the ability to deliver medication at the right time, in the right place. Moreover, the patient has the ability to manually deliver the medication through his phone and has on-time monitoring for the process. Information about medication release can be sent to the doctor as well.

At SmartTab™, they foresee significant advancements within the next decade concerning prescription medicine. Their vision is that in a span of 10 to 15 years virtually all capsules and tablets will have some sort of wireless electronic delivery or monitoring system. Which makes SmartTab™ the future of personalized precision medicine.

SmartTab™ is considered the First Effective Targeted Drug Delivery System on the market. Many drugs are delivered to patients either at the wrong place inside their bodies or at the wrong times. In addition, conventional drug delivery system is without feedback monitoring systems—that results in ineffective treatments and high toxicity. SmartTab™ is pioneering wireless drug delivery and monitory systems, which will cause a revolution within the digital healthcare system.

The wireless drug delivery system improves patient outcomes and while reducing costs. With over $285 billion lost annually due to patient non-compliance, not only will this system reduce healthcare costs, but it will also cause fewer visits to the emergency room and the physician’s office. With SmartTab™’s system, they would be able to ensure that patients take the accurate amounts of medication at the correct time, which will result in improving patient outcomes thus, helping people leading better lives.

SmartTab™ can deliver medications while sleeping. Just take it before bedtime and schedule the release via a smartphone or smartwatch to take place while you are sleeping. Three hours later, while you are asleep, SmartTab™ is triggered by a smartphone or smartwatch to release the active ingredients.

Ingestible Sensors

Ingestible sensors are pill-sized electronics that ping your smartphone with data after you pop and swallow. They have started to arrive on the market. They mostly measure pH, temperature, and pressure and monitor whether or not patients have taken their medications as described or not.

Proteus Digital Health

Armed with more than 500 issued patents and led by some of the brightest minds in the fields of technology, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare, Proteus Digital Company invented Digital Medicine.

Digital Medicine is a new category of pharmaceuticals, which measures medication treatment effectiveness helps physicians improving clinical outcomes and patients reaching their health goals.

Proteus Digital Health Company offers the innovative product Proteus Discover.

Proteus Discover is a packaged product composed of ingestible sensors, a small wearable sensor patch, an application on a mobile device and a provider portal. Once the sensor is activated, Proteus Discover unlocks never-before-seen insight into the patient’s health patterns and medication treatment effectiveness, which leads to more informed healthcare decisions for the patient involved.

Robotic Pills

What if there were a pill you could swallow that administers the injection inside your body? That is the idea behind Rani Therapeutics, a medical technology company that has developed a “robotic pill” and is financially backed by some of the world’s biggest investors.

Rani Therapeutics

Rani’s “robotic” pill is a sophisticated device in the form of a capsule, which incorporates a number of innovations, which enables it to navigate through the stomach and enter the small intestine. The RaniPill™ capsule goes through a transformation, aligns itself, and injects the drug into the intestinal wall. What is left of the device leaves the body in human waste.

Microchip-based Implants

The microchip-based implant is bringing together digital health and reality via providing precision therapeutic dosing to multiple medical applications including:

  • Providing an alternative for diseases that require frequent, long-term dosing, or delivery via injection like osteoporosis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and pain management.
  • Improves the drug’s effectiveness and outcomes in both chronic and acute diseases.
  • Automatic dosing for patients experiencing difficulties like psychiatric patients and patients with cognitive dysfunction.

Microchips Biotech Inc.

Microchips Biotech, Inc. is dedicated to improving the lives of patients by revolutionizing drug delivery. The company’s proprietary microchip-based implant has the ability to store and release precise doses of drugs over the span of months and even years. The microchip implant, which is placed under the skin by a trained physician throughout a simple office procedure via local anesthesia, can be wirelessly activated or deactivated by a physician or patient, without requiring removal. Moreover, physicians have the ability to wirelessly modify the frequency or dosage of the drug to meet the individual needs of each of their patient