How Can Heating Tools Damage Your Hair?


Styling your hair with the heat styling tools like curlers, straighteners, flat irons, flow dryers will provide you with a better look. But on the other hand, these styling tools will also leave your frizz and fried. Using heat styling tools will damage your hair, cause breakage and dryness. Lack of moisture and overheating is not suitable for your hair, but you can use them moderately and use heat protectant serums before you use them.

What will the heating tools do?

Human hair is said to contain hydrogen bonds and keratin protein. When you use the heat styling tools, they will strip your hair of its natural proteins and oils by breaking down the hydrogen bonds. The breaking down of the hydrogen bonds is why you can easily style your hair the way you want with these heating tools. These tools will change your hair’s texture to provide you with sleekness, straightness, and curliness.

How can you protect your hair?

To protect your hair before styling it, you can use hair serum to do so. The serum will build a protective layer over your hair fiber and remove frizz and protect your hair from the heat of the styling tools. Apart from that, the hair serum will also protect your hair from sunlight; air pollution will transform your straight hair to sleek and curly hair to smooth. It will keep your hair glossy, promote hair growth, and give your hair a silky finish.

Protect your hair with hair serum

Applying Kerotin’s hair friendly hair serum before using the styling tools will be the right thing to do. You can easily style your hair but also get to protect it from any hair damages as well.