Before you start to take HCG drops, you should meet your doctor to get better advice. HCG drops are considered next after it’s injections. Injections are the most rapid way to increase the blood level of HCG But you can go for an alternative for getting advised by the physician. HCG is in form of injections, drips and pellets, any form can make you shed weight fast. 

If you have concluded in your mind to take HCG drops for Weight loss, you should abide by the rules stated on the bottle. Also you should meet with your doctor. According to recommendations, you should take ten drops three times per day. And it should not be increased in quantity. The doctors could advise you take fifteen drops three times a day after your consultations with them. 

– Dosage

As this unique HCG weight loss diet plan, it should be taken wisely according to the advice of the manufacturer. You can follow the prescription written on the bottle of the HCG drops, or you can meet your physician to prescribe dosage for you. You should avoid overdosing because every drug has its own side effects when overdosed. But you can also get your dream weight loss by taking HCG drops correctly. Ten to fifteen drops is okay per day, it is also more than enough to shed fats in the body.

Taking more than fifteen drops three times a DAT can lead to some health issues, which includes tiredness or fatigue and stomach upset. Also, people with certain health issues like asthma, reactions and many more must meet the physician before starting the HCG weight loss plan. 

– Food plan during HCG drops 

Just as other forms of HCG weight loss, you have to follow rules. It is a strictly low-calorie diet plan where you are advised to take in 500 calories per day as long as you still on the HCG weight loss plan. You can eat vegetable with the diet for breakfast. To also regulate the system hydration process, you have to drink lots of water or tea or coffee with sugar replacements in them.  

This diet plan will aim t your system’s storage of fat especially in the stomach. It is a kind of hormone found in a woman’s placenta, mostly during pregnancy. But it is seen in both male and female

– Keep up with the three major phases of this plan

There is three major phases of using HCG drops- loading phase, losing phase and maintaining phase. When starting the HCG weight loss plan, there is a book which contains the rules that guide the HCG drops. For the first stage, eat a Lt of food with high content of calories, and a lot of fatty foods.  

The second stage is important to keep up with because your excess fats get shed. While using HCG drops you will not get hungry and this helps to lose weight. You are only to take 500 calories until the second stage is done with. 

Lastly, you have to be consistent to follow through the third stage. You don’t have to continue using the HCG drops, but you do away from sugary and starchy foods for at least three weeks to get the best results. 

– Exercise

You also need to work out on this plan. If you are consistent with work out you get perfect weight loss.