How to make lips pink and healthy?


Your beauty is with your charming smile. A smile speaks a lot about your soul. Pink and luscious lips always bring confidence in you to be happy and smile even more than that. Also, we generally worry about the health of the lips. The condition of lips gives a lot of secrets about health to the onlookers. If you have pigmented and cracked lips, then it provides a significant sign of health issues. Here are remedies to bring pink lips back to your face.

  1. Glycerine and Lemon lip mask

It is the best way to lighten up your lips into pink and bring nourishment to them.

Things you need:

A teaspoon of lemon juice

A storage container

A teaspoon of organic glycerine

How to apply this mixture?

  • Mix the ingredients properly and take the dry containers to put the mixture in it.
  • The mixture remains well for a long time if you refrigerate them
  • Apply the paste on your lips with a thick layer
  • After some time, now wash your lips and or you can leave the mixture to get absorbed completely.

How much time should you use it?

Apply this mask daily because it does not have a negative impact.

How does the remedy work?

Lemon is an intelligent agent, and glycerine is best for hydrating purposes. Together if combined, these two ingredients reduce the pigmentation and can also plump up your lips in the short time interval.

  1. Beetroot lip Balm

Beets have natural shade pigment because of the presence of betanin. This is the reason why beetroot always stains that anything you touch. Thus beetroot is best to bring pinkish shade back to your lips.

Thing required:

½  teaspoon of beetroot powder

One tablespoon of Shea butter

Two tablespoons of Olive Oil

One tablespoon of Beeswax pellets

How to apply?

  • You need to heat all ingredients properly
  • Mix the ingredients and combine well
  • Pour this mixture into the glass jar
  • Let the mixture paste to cool down before you use it as the regular lip balm.

How often should you apply this mixture?

Use the mixture as if you are using a lip balm. If you do not use a lip balm, then make it a habit of using it because this mixture will soften the lips.

How does it work?

Beeswax and Shea butter act as the best antioxidants and moisturizers. Olive oil added to the mixture is the organic compound to condition your skin. Betanin in beetroot helps in the restoration of red lips.


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  1. Milk and Turmeric Exfoliate

Milk and turmeric are proven ways to cure any problem. In India, milk, along with turmeric, has been used for ages. It helps to relieve the symptoms of cough and throat infection. Cold milk gives natural tint, but the turmeric always takes care of pigmentation.

Things Required:

½ to 1 teaspoon of turmeric

One teaspoon of cold milk

How can you apply?

  • Mix both the ingredients correctly such that they form a paste of it.
  • Now apply this paste and let this sit for at least five minutes.
  • Once the paste will dry, start lightly scrubbing your lips before you wash it off.

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How many times should you use it?

Apply this technique for the alternate days in a regular manner to have maximum results of it. You will get a marked change in the quality and the pigmentation of the lips.

How does this technique work?

Curcumin is present in turmeric, which is very famous for the medicinal properties. Milk also acts as the natural cleanser and the moisturizer. When both the ingredients combine, it helps to bring lips back to their former and the rosy glow.