How Should You Prepare For Skin Laser Treatment?


Having Korean glass skin has been an ongoing trend for years worldwide. Many people want to achieve flawless skin, which is why they spend a lot of time using quality skin care products. The problem, however, is that this method is not enough for some people with acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and other skin conditions. They need help from professionals and get laser treatment for the skin to meet their goals.

If skin laser treatment has been on your mind lately and plans to get one soon, you should look for the right aesthetic clinic in Singapore and help yourself get ready.  Below are some things that can help you prepare,

6 Ways To Prepare For Skin Laser Treatment

1. Avoid Sun Exposure

Even though sun exposure helps promote vitamin D production, getting direct sunlight for too long can increase the risk of skin cancer.  The longer you stay under the sun, your skin may develop fine lines and wrinkles.

Your skin can also become more sensitive, which is unsuitable for skin laser treatment in Singapore. UV rays can change pigmentation, so the areas that need to get treated might become untreatable.

2. Free The Skin From Makeup And Other Products

You better not apply makeup and other products to free up your skin. That should help prepare your skin for the upcoming aesthetic procedure from your chosen clinic in Singapore. If you don’t, there will be adverse reactions from your skin due to the products you use.

3. Stay Hydrated

To keep yourself hydrated, you should drink plenty of water.  Not only will it help regulate your body temperature, but it can also promote healing. The areas that receive laser treatment for the skin will recover much faster, so you should also keep yourself hydrated after the procedure.

4. Refrain From Getting Other Procedures

While there is nothing wrong with making oneself more beautiful with the help of aesthetic procedures, you should not get all of them at once. If you undergo several procedures, you may damage your skin rather than improve it.  Allow your treated skin to rest and heal as much as possible before getting another one.

5. Consult Doctors About Your Medications (If There Is Any)

If you are currently taking medications, you better consult your doctor first. Your medications might cause adverse effects with the upcoming laser treatment for the skin that you will undergo. In some cases, you might stop taking your medications for a while before and after the procedures.

6. Never Drink Coffee And Alcohol

No matter how much you love to drink coffee in the morning and alcoholic drinks after working hours, these beverages can act as a blood thinner. They can make your skin more susceptible to pain and slow down the healing process of the treated areas.

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