4 FAQs About Vestibular Rehabilitation


Health experts work tirelessly to find cures and improve existing treatment programmes to help people heal from their ailments. Thanks to these medical innovations, more and more individuals can find relief from their illnesses or injuries with a quick trip to a healthcare facility, such as your trusted osteopathy centre in the CBD or Central Business District.

One of these innovative health programmes is vestibular rehabilitation therapy which has benefitted numerous patients in and out of the state. It is a programme developed from the Cawthorne-Cooksey exercises, or movements used to treat labyrinth injuries ages ago.

If you recently heard about vestibular rehabilitation, you must have numerous questions about the programme. Scroll through to find answers to some of your inquiries about the treatment.

1. What Is Vestibular Rehabilitation?

Vestibular rehabilitation is a form of therapy offered in almost every city osteopathy in Singapore. According to Cleveland Clinic, it is a programme involving specific exercises that lead to better balance and reduced lightheadedness.

2. What Are The Benefits Of Getting Vestibular Rehabilitation?

Unlike back pain physiotherapy sessions in Singapore, vestibular rehabilitation focuses on conditions and symptoms related to dizziness. After signing up for the programme, you can expect improved balance, strength, movement, and strength.

3. How Long Does Vestibular Rehabilitation Take?

The length of your vestibular rehabilitation programme depends on your condition and its severity. Your specialist could ask you to sign up for such therapy for six weeks, but they could extend the duration if necessary.

4. Are There Risks Associated With Vestibular Rehabilitation?

Like physiotherapy in Singapore, vestibular rehabilitation will not cost you the functions of your body. However, some patients experience worsened headaches, nausea, and neck pain after undergoing such a programme.

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